Monday, January 22, 2024

Richard Treadgold: That message from the Maori king

Unity and hope… they’re prepared to lead us… there’s nothing to fear…

published an extraordinary article

Richard Treadgold, a proofreader for over 40 years, started the Climate Conversation Group website about 20 years ago to champion climate realism and in 2021 founded the conservative think tank Free New Zealand to fight for democracy.


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Kingi Sir how shall all of this happen? Should we allocate a chunk of NZ to Maori eg the Ureweras, and cut it loose, with a fence to keep NZ out? Maori could call this area Aotearoa to distinguish from NZ. We should of course remove all colonial input as colonialism has been so bad for Maori. Then Maori can do their thing and the rest of us can do our thing.

Or are you proposing to banish everyone but your own from the total landmass so you can go back to your own thing? What would be the global exchange rate for a pipi shell or a kiwi feather?

Anything else that is not arm’s length is dependency on post colonialism.

Valid Point said...

Before wanting to change New Zealand to Maori rule, perhaps Tuheitia should look after his own backyard. I've just quickly looked at Tainui's financial report for FY22. They have net assets of almost $2bn, net annual revenue of $293m (although the $75m in "expenses" was interesting) and from memory (I maybe wrong), they don't pay tax.
So the questions have to be asked; why does Ngāruawāhia not have one the best hospitals in the country? Why does it not have a first class private school for young Māori? Why are Tainui not among the most well educated, healthy, successful people in the country?
Start answering those questions and it might be easier to take Tuheitia, Tuku Morgan et al more seriously.

Doug Longmire said...

You have summed it up very comprehensively and accurately, Richard.
The Maori "king" (actually he is not a King. Our nation has only one King - King Charles) has just regurgitated all of the Treaty falsehoods and rewrites that have been created by radical, racist activists over the last 40 years or so.

I recall when I was working for the Ministry of Health, Wellington District Office back in the 80's. We were told that we had to celebrate being a "bicultural" nation.
At the time I wondered just how the Chinese, Samoan, Portuguese, Sudanese and Indian staff members would feel about this !

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to see that, apart from the silly news media, the general response to the Maori hui has been 'pshaw'.

Robert Arthur said...

Probably the single greatest factor in the decline of the Anglican churh in NZ in recent times has been the adoption of a pro maori attitude. In his book "My Life" Lange alluded to this. Vercoe alone must have seen off thousands.(Enthusiasm for gay vicars another factor)

Robert Arthur said...

I have not figured which aspect of pre 1840 te ao or tikanga justifies the maori king. Fortunately the role seems to be inherited which keeps the ascorbic glib female firebrands at a distance. And the tikagna/te ao banning woman speaking on the marae is an inspired aspect. A gift to civilisation as we have known it.

Anonymous said...

We are all equal under the crown agreement, there is no need to pander to any quasi restrictions,IE rahui is not a legal constraint, Waitangi tribunal needs an end date,it does nothing for Maori New Zealanders.

DeeM said...

Kingi of what exactly?
A disparate group of tribes that are now completely interbred with other races and make up only 17% of the population (if that).

This Kingi and his very short line of succession, which was copied from European feudal systems, is out for himself and the racist cronies who support him and keep him in relative luxury, compared to the average part-Maori, tucked up in his imperial pa in Ngaruawahia.
Bet that's not where he spends all his time though. Bet he's got other flash residences where he can escape the pressures of Kingiship. We'll very likely have paid for those through the Waitangi Tribunal.

As for his Princessi, wanting everyone else to build and pay for a Maori-only hospital. How very inclusive of her.

The whole thing's a joke and we've only got ourselves to blame for giving this kind of nonsense oxygen every year. It should have been strangled at birth.