Saturday, January 27, 2024

Breaking Views Update: Week of 21.1.24

Saturday January 27, 2024 

Ngāti Kahu block boat ramp in fishing protest

Protesters have blocked a boat ramp in the Far North ahead of this weekend's Doubtless Bay Fishing Competition.

About 50 members of Ngāti Kahu are preventing people launching boats at Taipā, where the competition will be based on Saturday and Sunday.

Five police officers were understood to be present at the boat ramp.

Police said they were monitoring the event.....
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Christopher Luxon gives ACT's David Seymour new role managing Treaty Principles Bill
Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has allocated ACT leader David Seymour a new portfolio, allowing him oversight of the proposed Treaty Principles Bill.

Seymour will become an Associate Minister of Justice and manage the Bill. Previously, Paul Goldsmith was commenting on plans for the Bill as Justice Minister.

This move will give Seymour more ownership of the controversial legislation, which will be based on an ACT Party proposal to debate and define the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Seymour has said it's time for New Zealanders to have this discussion, rather than leaving it up to judges and bureaucrats to make their own interpretations.....
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Shane Jones bites back over cold reception at Rātana
The reception at Rātana Pā yesterday for coalition government members from New Zealand First, Fisheries Minister Shane Jones and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, was far from warm.

But Jones was quick to respond to it: “Today one of the orators insulted Winston and myself and described us as slaves for destroying the language and I told him before the new moon rises again he’ll be eating his words.”

“Know this from me! No single critique from the government from the various iwi will ever doubt the strength of my response on behalf of both the government and New Zealand First.”....
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Rotorua’s Lakeland Queen given six months to move from dry-dock
The owner of Rotorua’s iconic Lakeland Queen paddle steamer has been given six months to move it from the iwi-gifted public land where it’s sat since 2021.

It comes after owner Terry Hammond was told he would need to pay to build a new jetty – a cost of up to $460,000 – then gift it to iwi before leasing it back to resume Lakeland operations at Lake Rotorua.....
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Waitangi welcoming set to break with tradition
Labour MPs will be not be joining the government in being welcomed on to the Treaty grounds at Waitangi, but a pōwhiri for opposition parties will take place two days prior.

Labour deputy leader Carmel Sepuloni told First Up she knew who made the decision for the change, but it was different from past years when MPs across Parliament were welcomed together at Waitangi.

She said the government could expect a very similar response to what they faced at Rātana Pā, if not more heightened.....
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Hinetu Nikora wins Pinnacle’s inaugural Māori Health Education scholarship
We're thrilled to announce Hinetu Kallon Nikora, a patient service representative in our Patient Access Centre (PAC), as the inaugural recipient of Kia Pūawai, Pinnacle’s Māori Education Fund.

This $5,000 scholarship supports kaimahi Māori in pursuing further education that aligns with Te Whare Tapa Whā – a holistic view of wellbeing, honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and supports Pinnacle’s commitment to developing a diverse and thriving healthcare workforce.....
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Act Party leader David Seymour stands by Treaty bill despite fierce Rātana opposition

Geoff Parker: Sovereignty ceded

David Seymour explains his Treaty conversation

Michael Laws chats to Gary Judd KC about the Treaty of Waitangi & the Prospect of a Referendum

Memo to Chris Hipkins and other politicians - don’t call me ‘non-Māori’. I’m not a ‘non’: Denis O’Reilly

Protest ‘in unity’ for the Treaty

Analysis: What Ngāpuhi’s actions tell us about Māoridom's emerging response to the Coalition Government

Hana O’Regan | Māori language Advocate and Academic  

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Friday January 26, 2024 

Government to proceed with review of Waitangi Tribunal 
Prime Minister Chris Luxon has confirmed a review of the Waitangi Tribunal.

The coalition agreement between National and New Zealand First included a commitment to amend the Waitangi Tribunal legislation to refocus the scope, purpose, and nature of its inquiries back to the original intent of that legislation.

As the historic claims process nears its end, the tribunal has embarked on a series of kaupapa inquiries looking at whether crown actions in areas like health, justice and women’s rights were in breach of the treaty.

Mr Luxon says the time is right for a review.....
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Tama Potaka plans to speak more Māori in Parliament to help preserve te reo
Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka will speak te reo more in parliament to help preserve the language.

Potaka said, as the Māori Development Minister, part of his role is to ensure the language is not a consequence of the Coalition Government’s agreement, and he is dedicated to the protection of te reo.

“The first thing I’m going to do is to speak Māori more and more often … particularly in the Whare Paremata [House of Parliament],” Potaka said......
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Red Sea foray breach of Waitangi Tribunal
A foreign policy analyst says the Government’s decision to send Defence Force personnel to join the US-led action against Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea is a serious breach of the Treaty of Waitangi.

There was no attempt to get a Māori perspective before the decision was made to commit the forces to Tūmatauenga to a foreign conflict.

She says Maori understand what’s going on in Gaza because they have experienced colonialism here.....
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NZ Māori Tourism chair Dale Stephens rejects notion we are all equal and need to be treated the same
A senior member of the National Party’s Māori team is rejecting Act Party leader David Seymour’s assertions that New Zealanders are all one people and need to be treated the same.

Stephens says all sectors and demographics in Aotearoa have different needs at different times.....
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Netball embraces and celebrates more kaupapa Māori input
As the Government rolls back Māori initiatives, at least one sports body is headed in the opposite direction.

Netball New Zealand has adopted a Wāhine First approach, which now includes formal ceremonies led by women.

Netball New Zealand president Tina Karaitiana (Ngāti Porou) says while sports like rugby, soccer or cricket are still male-dominated, netball is a uniquely women-dominated sport … and Māori are uniquely Aotearoa.....
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Roman Travers: What is achieved by Mitre 10 changing the names?


Kingitanga: ‘We’re going to go to Waitangi in force’  

Thursday January 25, 2024 

Rangitīkei, Whanganui councils send strong message of support at Rātana 
Local government leaders have addressed the paepae at Rātana with messages of support, laying down a plea for Māori to make their political views understood, a pledge to help carry their voice to the Government and a commitment to a “Te Tiriti-centric” way of working.

Rangitīkei Mayor Andy Watson offered his help to place the views of Māoridom before the Government.

“It is part of my role, I believe, to help take your collective voice to government. So please make sure the Government understands your position - a position that I suspect I support strongly.”

Whanganui councillor Josh Chandulal-Mackay, standing in for Whanganui Mayor Andrew Tripe, said his message to Rātana and Māori was simple.

“Right now we’re in a time of pretty significant political volatility and I want to stress the importance of relationships with our iwi partners, with our Māori partners, with our hapū partners.

“I also want to acknowledge that Whanganui District Council is committed to a te Tiriti-centric way of undertaking our role. That’s what I want to bring across today at this special occasion.”....
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Mitre10 changes culturally insensitive product names
Mitre 10 is changing the names of some bathroom products because they are culturally insensitive.

The home improvement chain's 'Legacy' brand used te reo Māori names for items such as toilet seats, toilet roll holders, robe hooks, grab rails and towel rails.

A video seen by RNZ showed some of these products' packaging had been covered with stickers to replace the Māori with English - a 'Te anau towel ring' had become the 'Ellesmere towel ring', while the 'Karapiro towel ring' was now the 'Clutha towel ring'. What had been known as the 'Kaiiwi toilet roll holder' was now listed as the 'Legacy toilet roll holder' on the company's website.....
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Waitangi Day hīkoi promises a fight for Te Tiriti o Waitangi
A significant hīkoi in defence of Te Tiriti o Waitangi is promising a fight against any planned changes to New Zealand’s founding document.

The march will leave Te Rēinga Wairua [Cape Reinga] at dawn on February 2 and arrive at Waitangi in time to take part in events on February 5 and 6.

As many as 10,000 people could be involved with the hīkoi, and Taipari could not promise it would not disrupt or turn violent due to the strength of conviction of protesters.
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Te reo Māori language lessons funded for all staff members at Rotorua Kaitao Intermediate School
Staff at a Rotorua intermediate school will be taking te reo Māori lessons this year so they can promote the use of the language in the classroom.

The programme Te Ahu o te Reo Māori is funded by the Ministry of Education and is made up of 120 hours of learning delivered through weekly classes, online lessons, and wānanga or noho marae (overnight stay).....
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Whanganui’s City Bridge could feature entranceways designed by local iwi
New cultural installations could appear on Whanganui’s City Bridge in the next few years - at an estimated cost of $500,000.

In a report, Whanganui District Council deputy chief executive Lance Kennedy said Whanganui iwi had requested a pou [pillar] or waharoa [entranceway] be placed on the bridge for many years - “to show identity, the connection of the community to the awa, and to welcome people into the city”.

“Currently, the bridge over the Whanganui River does not reflect the significance of local iwi, particularly the relationship iwi and hapū have with the awa.....
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A Pacific perspective: Calls for better understanding of Māori
Pacific community leaders in New Zealand are calling on their people to do more to better understand the perspectives of Māori.

The Samoan matai (high chief) urged Pasifika to stand in solidarity with their Māori whānau.....
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A Time and Tide – Anthony Willy

2024 – a Year of Reckoning – Dr Muriel Newman.

Bruce Moon: Signing the Treaty of Waitangi - some of the true story

JC: The Blame Train Is off the Tracks

Lindsay Mitchell: The danger of the Treaty debate wearing us down

Govt will be 'taken to task' at Rātana – Te Pāti Māori co-leader

How the Treaty strengthens democracy and provides a check on unbridled power: Dominic O’Sullivan

Rātana: Kīngitanga warns Govt against 'meddling' with Treaty

New Zealand has nothing to fear from the Treaty and everything to fear from Act: Willie Jackson

Hipkins at Rātana: Labour will 'walk alongside' Māori  

Wednesday January 24, 2024 

Kīngitanga arrives at Rātana with a clear message: ‘You work with us or get out of our way’ 
Tomorrow, the Kīngitanga will deliver its message of mana motuhake on behalf of iwi Māori to the Crown and political leaders. Calling for the protection of te reo, a voice for rangatahi, more Māori kaupapa-driven businesses and fulfilling Princess Te Puea’s vision of a Māori hospital, all examples of mana motuhake that were endorsed at the hui-ā-motu.

Kīngitanga spokesperson Rahui Papa also told Te Ao Māori News that the topics of discussion are not “hindering on the coalition arrangements or the coalition government.”

“It’s about Māori setting their pathway and then saying to the government ‘Here’s our pathway. You work with us or get out of our way’.”....
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Far North iwi planning to stop decades-old fishing competition
Far North iwi Ngāti Kahu says it’s putting a stop to Doubtless Bay’s annual Anniversary Fishing Contest and plans to block off all boat ramps in their “tribal waters”.

The fishing competition, which is also referred to as the Fishing Classic, has been running for more than 40 years in the area and is expected to have around 500 competitors. The event is scheduled for the 27th and 28th with a prize pool totalling $30,000. Fish are auctioned off with all profits going to the local community.

Ngāti Kahu took to social media overnight posting a picture of the fishing competition signage with a red cross through the flyer. Underneath it says “Ngāti Kahu holds ultimate authority over our tribal territories from the Rangaunu Harbour across to Tokerau moana, the whole of Doubtless Bay......
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More on the above here > Fisheries Minister Shane Jones labels iwi members 'sub-cultural truants' for threatening annual fishing competition

Iwi sets 1000-year plan for Waitakere
The kaitiaki iwi for Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges is developing a thousand year plan for the protection of the ngāhere.

Te Kawerau Iwi Tiaki Trust chief executive Edward Ashby says the timeframe has raised eyebrows, but the forest’s kauri have been there for longer than that so it’s important to take a long term perspective......
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Nicola Willis: Govt ‘committed’ to relationship that Treaty of Waitangi promises’
In response however, National MP and Finance Minister Nicola Willis told RNZ's First Up it was clear the Treaty of Waitangi established a foundational relationship between the Crown and iwi.

"It is our founding document as a nation. How that relationship works in practice is something that the courts have likened to being like a partnership," she said.

"The question then becomes well, what does partnership mean? And there's been a lot of debate about that through the courts, through Parliament, by different people with different views on that. From the government's perspective, our commitment is to honouring the Treaty of Waitangi. Honouring the settlements that have been made under that Treaty and continuing to progress better outcomes for Māori and non-Māori alike.....
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Businesses encouraged to learn from 'amazing' Māori values
In a perfect world, all businesses would be safe spaces for Māori to work – and not just in tokenistic roles created when it suits.

Videos focus on topics like Māori history, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, how to do your pepeha, reo Māori basics, Maōri customs and values and how a business can learn from te ao Māori.

He said he had already learned a lot through the project, like the “amazing values from Māori culture that we can all learn from in business”.....
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Richard Treadgold: That message from the Maori king

Hobson’s choice; the Treaty or ACT

Treaty Principles Bill: Margaret Mutu says bill ‘completely opposite’ to what Te Tiriti guarantees - The Front Page

Governments change, Māori are the constant – iwi leader

Rātana Pā rep on Seymour's absence: 'Not going to be missed'

Corrupt or Incompetent? Possibly both. - John Tamihere

Māori come up clean in squalor survey

Racialised politics bleeding into sport  

Tuesday January 23, 2024 

Shane Jones: 'Odd mixture of Treaty, iwi mania rippling around' 
New Zealand First MP Shane Jones has hit out at the content of a leaked document from the Ministry of Justice on the Government's proposed Treaty Principles Bill, suggesting it's a "manifesto" of "phobia".

Minister of Justice Paul Goldsmith said: "This is a draft Ministry of Justice document that has not been seen or considered by Cabinet."

ACT leader David Seymour said that the meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi has been twisted to give different groups of people different rights and that New Zealanders were "never consulted on this". He wants to clarify the Treaty's principles, he said.

Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Jones said: "Let's be very careful, no one is altering the existence or indeed the wording of the Treaty... There seems to be an odd mixture of Treaty, iwi mania rippling around at the moment.

"We're doing nothing to change the essence of the Treaty."

Jones said he was concerned about the Waitangi Tribunal causing further polarisation and division......
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The last Government quietly paused oil and gas exploration
A two-year-old request from Taranaki iwi could prove a thorn in the Government’s plan to reopen oil and gas exploration.

Some activists warn the Government could be in breach of The Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti o Waitangi) if it ignores the request before issuing onshore and offshore exploration permits.

Current Resources Minister Shane Jones told Stuff the request was made to the former Government and “doesn’t bind this regime”.

The election gave the coalition Government a mandate to restart oil and gas exploration, he added.

Jones said it is “incredibly important that we have more [fossil fuels] than we need”.....
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Māori seat entrenchment needed
The Independent Electoral Review has called for the entrenchment of Māori seats.

Labour Māori MPs have been putting up bills to entrench the Māori seats, but have so far failed to get them passed.

The review said as part of upholding its obligations under te Tiriti o Waitangi, the crown should actively protect Māori electoral rights and provide equitable opportunities for Māori to take part in elections.

Decades of systematic breaches by the Crown have resulted in consistently lower rates of Māori voter engagement and participation. The Crown must do better.

It also recommended the Electoral Commission works with Māori to enable Māori governance over Māori electoral data, and that it is funded by government to do so....
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Demand for Māori immersion schools on the rise
In the last five years, there has been a 26% increase nationwide in the number of students enrolled in Māori medium immersion - where at least half the curriculum is taught in te reo Māori.

In the South Island, there are five Māori language immersion schools, known as kura kaupapa, out of 67 nationwide. Student numbers for the South Island schools have more than doubled from fewer than 1000 in 2000 to more than 2300 last year. Growing numbers of children coming through kōhanga reo (Māori language early childhood education) suggest strong future demand.....
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Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership a 'misinterpretation', David Seymour believes
ACT party leader David Seymour says his party does not regard Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a partnership between Māori and the Crown.

David Seymour told Midday Report he believed Te Tiriti o Waitangi was a founding document, but the idea that it is a partnership is based on a misinterpretation.

"It is a document that founds New Zealand as a country, where in Article 1 the government has the right to govern, in Article 2 we each have the right to tino rangatiratanga - the right to flourish in self-chosen ways - and in Article 3 we all have nga tikanga katoa rite tahi, or the same."....
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Sandra Goudie: Treaty of Waitangi

Graham Adams: Treaty referendum continues to alarm media.

Hui turn-out rebuke to rogue parliament

Second most important Māori event of the year attracts thousands of morehu to Rātana

Rob Campbell: Ngati Pākeha need to listen to tangata whenua on Māori issues

Māori rise up while Government looks to rewrite history

‘Tampering with the treaty will not be tolerated’

Dayle Takitimu: Clarification, not debate, needed on Treaty  

Monday January 22, 2024 

Government MPs hit back after 'moan-session' hui, say they're putting Kiwi before iwi 
Members of the coalition Government have hit back following concerns raised at a national hui at Tūrangawaewae Marae.

Seymour said the new Government is trying to unify New Zealand.

"So 10,000 people, what exactly is that - 0.02 percent of the New Zealand population?" Seymour asked.

"We're promoting a modern, multi-ethnic, liberal democratic country where everyone has the same rights and duties."

NZ First MP Shane Jones originally described the hui as a "monumental moan-session".

"I definitely didn't get the volume of people correct... but the content of the kōrero - I don't think I was too far off the mark," he said.

He believes the new Government is trying to take the whole country forward.

"I'm deeply saddened by the description of our Government as a vessel of white supremacy," Jones said.

"The Government is focused on the interests of every single Kiwi rather than every single iwi."

And Jones said there is "no scope whatsoever for separatism in a flourishing, integrated New Zealand".

"We need to have iwi leadership step away from the inflammatory language of white supremacy and other offensive remarks," he said.......
See full article HERE

Michael Bassett: TV One's beat-up on the Treaty and the King's hui

Ten memorable quotes from te hui aa motu

Māori vow to ‘never give up the fight’ at historic national unity hui

John Campbell: I saw peace, joy and 10,000 people uniting to say 'no'

Labour, Te Pāti Māori cast doubts on National's Treaty Principles bill stance

Kiingi Tuheitia lights Kaapura Ahi  

Sunday January 21, 2024 

Waitangi Tribunal accepts urgency for claim against scrapping of Māori Health Authority, criticises ‘problematic’ government approach 
The Waitangi Tribunal has accepted there are grounds for an urgent inquiry into the scrapping of Te Aka Whai Ora (the Māori Health Authority).

The final decision about when any inquiry is held has been adjourned, until the Government provides more information, including when exactly it will introduce legislation to disestablish the authority.

Te Aka Whai Ora came into effect on July 1, 2022, in a bid to shift decades-long health inequities, which contribute to Māori dying younger and living with worse illness.....
See full article HERE

More on the above here > Waitangi Tribunal tells Crown to outline Te Aka Whai Ora alternative plan by end of January

Waikato Tainui welcome mass contingent at Tūrangawaewae Marae
Kiingi Tuuheitia has thanked the estimated 10,000 people who answered his call to come together today to participate in a national hui at Tuurangawaewae Marae.

In his address he told those gathered that the turn out of Māori and non-Māori at the hui sent a strong message that the government would not be able to ignore

Kiingi Tuuheitia said the world was watching and the government would be foolish to underestimate what te ao Māori was capable of.....
See full article HERE

Opposition parties urge Christopher Luxon to shut down Treaty Principles bill
Opposition parties have seized on a leaked ministerial memo about the government's proposed Treaty Principles bill, saying the prime minister should put a stop to it.

ACT is defending the bill, while National has repeated its position of supporting it no further than select committee.....
See full article HERE

Caleb Anderson: Would this be kingitanga's "king hit"?

Tania Page: Te reo isn't a 'policy' you can just switch off

Kiingitanga hui a good chance for people to listen to one another

Thousands to converge at Turangawaewae Marae for unusual national hui

National hui: Govt rep defends PM's absence

Māori King calls for hope over protest while dismissing Govt Treaty bill  

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Anonymous said...

Why don't iwi leaders help their own people? I have a maori friend who is part of an iwi. She said the fat cats at the top drive the fancy cars and don't distribute money to other members below them. It is fake news that maori want the best for other maori. Total fantasy.

Anonymous said...


A " call for unity" really means a challenge ( or veiled threat) to the 83% that they must accept tribal rule (i.e. rule by ethnocracy) by 2040 without any resistance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1- that is always the way with tribal hierarchies.

Anonymous 2 - typical of warfare culture: dominate at all costs.

robert Arthur said...

I am not sure who the RNZ interviewer of Seymour midday 22nd was but it was in the pro maori manner typical of Forbes and others. No hintof objectivity.

Anonymous said...

Did Nicola Willis really refer to ToW as creating a partnership? If so, there is no hope for NZ.

As for Kīngitanga ‘get out of our way’ - the threat is pure rebellion.

What a mess.

Scott said...

Ratana was a prophet. This Maori King business is definitely not prophetic, not from God. I would hope that the Ratana movement gets back to spiritual things on how to improve New Zealand spiritually and hearing from God.

I always find this Breaking Views Update very disturbing. The top article has the King movement embracing mana motuhake and telling the government of New Zealand to work with us or get out of the way. This is perilously close to rebellion against the duly elected government of the land?

I think New Zealanders need to wake up and take the concept of the nation of New Zealand seriously and conserve the nation and guard the nation. Otherwise we will be broken apart by tribal forces who want to take us back to the governance of 1839 while dividing the benefits of 21st-century Western civilisation among themselves.

We have allowed these rebellious attitudes to fester particularly in our universities.

How about this? Western civilisation and New Zealand Society is actually pretty good. We should conserve what we have and build on the wonderful efforts of our ancestors who bequeathed us this great nation. And we should insist on one nation and one rule of law for all. Which is all anyone can reasonably expect.

Robert Arthur said...

re 24th It is near certain that the iwi group pondering the Waitakeres are paid. Hence the 1000 year time frameto maximise the consideration. I wonder if Xi Jinping has had an input as his successors will likely control. At what stage are taonga pigs to be totally eradicated? When will persons be allowed onto all the old routes and off track places? If the public can be kept to highway walks for 1000 years I guess that will boost mana even beyond what the rahui and present obstruction has achieved.
And at Ratana, in view of the resurgence of rongoa, tikanga, te ao, and many other practices from the past, does the reference to the evils of the Tohunga still appear on the church gate? Could be doing many out of Benefit supplement employment (payment in form of tax free koha)

Anonymous said...

Time to change the name of Waitangi Day to New Zealand day. The whinging and whining of a group of self entitled part maori has to end for the good of all kiwis. We are now a multi cultural
nation. I would guess that hindi is spoken more often than te reo in nz in 2024. Indian parents don't expect the state to teach their kids hindi or to fund it. Nor do they expect people who are not indian to learn it. I cannot go back to scotland and say " "poor me, the english took away my clan's land in 1345 so now I demand a free castle." The nz government needs to have a referendum and put an end to this nonsense. These part maori activists are just grifters.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 25th. It seems Wanganui (local dialect) is next in line for an expensive leg pull incorporating maori welcome structure to clutter its town entrance bridge.
I am not sure if it is prudent for Pacific Islanders to try too hard to understand the maori perspective of them. Islanders are mere latter day colonists and as such do not rate for the special treatment in health, education, housing etc maori insist must be accorded themselves. The prospect that they might provoke a diversion for maori ire is not unattractive.

Robert arthur said...

re 26th. From the little info which has seeped out via alternative media it seems the Tribunal has strayed far from the legal system based format of its early days, and this aspect at least needs review. The problem is finding persons fluent in maori, not pro maori converts, willing and able to sit through interminable sittings and report, surrounded always by persons hostile to non converts.
Seems to me National has not scrutinised its maori candidates adequately. A 5th column hugely limits policy and actions. Members gibbering maori in parliament is going to lose more supporters than it gains. How much an hour does Parliament cost? Maori twaddle time is time wasted.

Anonymous said...

To start with a positive comment - good the Waitangi Tribunal is to be reviews and hopefully gone.

But -

Who is this Tama guy speaking te reo Maori in Parliament. We are told Maori don’t believe in Parliament as they didn’t cede sovereignty.
and have no respect for Colonial ways. So don’t speak te reo Maori in Parliament - more mockery and rudeness. And if he persists in speaking Maori speak what was spoken in 1840, not the made up word game called te reo.

Then we hear Dale Stephen’s says not all people are equal … refer Animal Farm.

Apparently netball is now having a more Maori influence. Will they do the haka before the game? Question - how many All Blacks are Maori? For those who are not, is it not cultural appropriation to do the haka as a preface to the game? Time to drop that vicious provocation to the opposing team and amusement for the viewers. Shades of gladiators. Rugby deserves more than that.

And last but not least Maori now want input on Foreign Affairs. Should the NZ forces sing peace songs or jump about doing the haka
before their missions?

Robert Arthur said...

re27th. I am not a fan of fishing compettions. Neither good for fish stocks or global CO2 (latter same can be said of hui at Ngaurawahia and Ratana. But the attempt to gain mana by disrupting the competition up north will hopefully awke the genral public to the seriousness of maori control of anything.

Anonymous said...

Ngati Kahu concerned about overfishing? Or impact on them including free food.

Call me cynical but this is all a bit much.