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Guy Hatchard: A Time of Uncertainty, but Hope.

I hope you have enjoyed a Christmas and New Years break. I am writing to distil the lessons of the past three years and look to the future. Very interesting findings are surfacing almost daily, not only highlighting the contradictions inherent in the growing use of biotechnology approaches to pharmacy, but more importantly, some consciousness-based interventions are opening the door to a completely different approach to health.

I have just been discharged home from hospital and I am still in recovery mode. I want to thank all those who sent messages for a speedy recovery. The hospital staff were caring, talented people who looked after me through the weeks I was there.

The hospital departments (I was in two hospitals during the course of treatment) were very busy and working at full stretch. In general, all hospital staff, at every level, work in their silos and their whole day is taken up with saving lives. It is an unenviable task but one being met energetically and with dedication. The most influential sector of longer term care is based around pharmaceutical approaches which are largely unquestioned as the leading paradigm of ongoing treatment.

Few if any in the system have the time or inclination to look beyond the daily needs of patients and ask pertinent questions about the safety of novel biotechnology.

On two occasions I met senior staff members who had a wider perspective and responsibility for the whole system and range of departments. They both noted that they had insufficient information about what exactly was causing the ongoing high volumes of admissions and the varied nature of ailments.

It goes without saying that without a complete picture of health data any decisions about how to tackle overloaded hospitals will be flawed.

It appears that those responsible for the big picture have been wilfully ignoring their responsibility to document and/or investigate health data and have thereby been failing the public. Up to the minute hospital admission data and death rates need to be broken down across the whole system by cause, age, vaccination status and compared with prior years.

There is a clear responsibility here to make full information available to the new government and to the broader public domain. Unfortunately, some of those in a position to control information and policy have dug in and resisted change. Even seeking to hide the facts. The prosecution of the NZ whistleblower is a case in point. Our sources confirm there is currently an all court press on hospital staff to refrain from sharing or discussing concerning data, with a clear instruction that anyone doing so will face prosecution and imprisonment. This intimidation is undermining the core safety standards of healthcare.

For three years now we have been raising questions about the latest generation of biotech vaccines and medicines, highlighting research findings and data including unprecedented rates of adverse effects, massive increases in hospital admissions and persistently high rates of excess deaths. In the end the truth will out, the growing scientific evidence of continuing harm is overwhelming, but it is a question of how much long term damage could result and how many more lives will be lost before this happens. mRNA flu vaccines are in the pipeline and gain of function experimentation continues.

Catastrophic consequences are being suggested including the inevitable emergence of an as yet unknown Disease X.

Taking stock of our progress can be painful or disappointing but it is at this point very necessary. There has been increasing polarisation surrounding issues of health, climate, and conflict, all of which impact everyone’s future. With polarisation has come the rejection of dialogue and rational discussion of key facts. The climate of uncertainty and fear breeds further division, extreme views, and an irrational urge to dictate responses and ignore facts. Yet lack of communication serves no one’s interests. Unfortunately it is hard to envision change anytime soon, but easy to predict that matters will continue to come to a head and eventually reach crisis proportions without too much delay.

The contradictions inherent in biotechnology research and development are simple to understand within the framework of modern science and simple observation but apparently hard to accept among those gainfully employed in the field who are determined to open novel channels of highly risky experimentation.

Simply put, as we examine smaller time and distance scales in human physiology, elements become more interconnected and multitasking. Some genes for example are involved in hundreds of distinct tasks. Thus the potential for unwanted off-target effects of biotech interventions increases exponentially as more subtle biomolecules are manipulated, eventually culminating in the disruption of the whole physiology as interventions cross the cell membrane. mRNA Covid vaccines are a case in point, but many similar dangers are also associated with the latest generation of biotech medicines across the board.

High rates of adverse effects and lack of documentation of their extent have become the norm.

The pandemic has pushed medical misadventure from the third place cause of death to first place. Man made medicines, diseases, vaccines, exotic foods, and biotech research products taken together are now by far the leading cause of death including premature death.

Contrast this with the obvious but ignored dual reality of our daily life: Consciousness is the constant partner of physiology and natural foods the primary source of our health. In the absence of meaningful dialogue in a polarised world, if communication is to be restored it is obvious that a second element needs to be introduced into the health debate. I, along with others, term this a ‘consciousness-based approach to health’ which of necessity draws upon traditions of holistic healing long known to the world across many cultures.

Not surprisingly scientific endeavour is finding deep truths which can transform our world.

A study published in Brain, Behaviour and Immunity in October 2023 entitled “Transcendental Meditation practitioners show reduced expression of the Conserved Transcriptional Response to Adversity” reports a completely new approach to the regulation of epigenetic function. As we have reported previously, long term meditation practice is associated with greatly reduced rates of illness in multiple categories. The study findings demonstrate how this is possible from an epigenetic perspective.

Steven Cole has undertaken studies of people exposed to chronic threat and has identified a Conserved Transcriptional Response to Adversity (CTRA) in circulating immune cells. In other words when threatened or stressed our physiology exhibits an unhealthy pattern of reduced immune function including the upregulated expression of genes involved in disease causing inflammation and downregulated expression of genes involved in cancer fighting—Type I interferon responses

Long term practice of Transcendental Meditation reverses this process establishing healthy genetic responses to stress.

To understand this, we have to consider the difference between point and infinity, between part and whole. Nature functions as a whole and its essence is awake, conscious. Consciousness is that which encompasses the harmonious functioning of the WHOLE physiology. As such, truly holistic consciousness-based approaches are free from unwanted adverse effects, yet capable of transforming and augmenting health. There is much to be understood and revived.

Similarly as I have discussed in my book Your DNA Diet, natural food, being based on DNA and under the control of the holistic level of natural law, promotes holistic health. The specific health values of herbal medicine are described in traditions including Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and many other traditions often centred on the availability of local plants.

As we can see from the published research of the last few years, the general need for healthy approaches to daily life is increasing everywhere. On our sites, as the year unfolds, we wish to do more to fully promote natural approaches to health. We will be publishing specific updates on approaches to holistic healing and we also wish to support community efforts to inform the public of scientific assessment of their effects in order to facilitate their use.

There is little doubt that the growing crises in the fields of health, social stability, regional and global conflict and environmental sustainability are going to impact us all in ways that we cannot now fully assess.

Building closer community ties allied with knowledge of sustainable and healthy practices are going to be key to surviving and flourishing during the massive transitions that are looming on the horizon. If we remain too isolated from one another physically and intellectually it may be difficult to cope with the big changes that are coming. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of developing conscious communities and we shouldn’t naively believe that our social circumstances will automatically settle to something resembling the pre-pandemic conditions. Irreversible changes in medicine, geopolitics, and the environment are already underway driven by the development and deployment of invasive and destructive technology in health, defence, and agriculture. Close cooperation among people alert to the dangers and solutions can form a protected way ahead.

Dr Guy Hatchard is a former senior manager at Genetic ID, food testing and certification company. This article was first published HERE

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