Monday, January 22, 2024

JC: The Left’s Socialist Dreams Are Embedded

It’s a fair question to ask if the entire raison d’être of the left is based on the premise of a socialist dream they had the previous night. There has to be something that possesses these people to come up with the ridiculously half-baked ideas they try to pass into law. Maybe it’s a flood of nocturnal endorphins.

Endorphin comes from endogenous, which means within the body, and morphine, an opiate pain reliever: endorphins are natural pain relievers. They are ‘feel-good’ chemicals because they make you feel better and put you in a positive state of mind. With a reading of just 21 per cent in the last Roy Morgan poll and a poor showing in the recent Curia poll, Labour MPs will be hoping this year is flooded with endorphins. They are sorely in need of them.

However, endorphins do not help ignorance, idiocy, stupidity or a lack of ability. All these factors contributed to Labour’s unseemly demise at the ballot box in October. As the recent fiscal update showed, socialist dreams were most likely the cause of the current state of the economy and are certainly not the solution. The legislation this government will pass between now and the next election is aimed at stemming the river of socialist dreams they inherited and turning the direction of the country.

The left don’t seem the least bit cognisant of this. The Greens are still bleating on about the environment and the poor (and the odd one might even be concerned at the cost of dressing in the latest expensive fashion regalia). And the Maori Party are stuck in a ‘loss of mana’ mode and can’t see beyond it. None of this sort of nonsense is in anyway helpful in getting the economy back on track. These two parties are illustrating their complete ignorance of the problems facing the country. It appears that they sit in parliament for no other reason than to oppose all legislation the new government introduces to avoid economic bankruptcy.

The Greens wander into the House draped in shawls representing a people who voted for and are very happy to be ruled by a terrorist outfit. As well as dressing up they also pretend to be an environmental party. In question time, when standing in for the prime minister, Winston, in his answers to their inane questions, ‘smoked them’. He seems to enjoy treating them like the recreational reprobates they are.

One or two of their MPs are legit but the rest are riding high on social issues they only have a hazy grasp of. Their idea of utopia would be the government owning everything, which is where Jacinda was taking us. They are rabid followers of climate change and treat it as if it’s a novel and new experience. The fact is the earth has experienced hot and cold cycles approximately every 100,000 years for millions of years.

Cannabis, a favourite of the Greens, evolved about 28 million years ago and climate change has had little effect on it. Smoke a bit of meat on the summer barbie, though, and that’s a different matter altogether. Four-legged farting animals must be gone: emitting emissions as they do is a complete no-no. The fact we need meat and milk seems to have escaped the dopes in the Greens. Red may be a favourite colour of theirs but not when it comes to meat. They are as ignorant as they are mad. They don’t want farming, oil and gas exploration or mining. They are as blind as Freddie the frog Shane Jones referred to. They are duped.

The world’s largest emitters of carbon and biggest users of fossil fuels have no intention of reducing, much less stopping. This is the Real New Deal, not the Green New Deal they keep talking about. What this country does is meaningless in global terms and certainly shouldn’t be at the expense of our economy. Half the stuff the Greens want to ban means they couldn’t have half the stuff they want. They are fanatical fools.

The Maori Party are somewhat different but equally dangerous. If the legislation being debated doesn’t concern their mana they’re not interested. Half the time they’re not even in the House. These people are trying to fool the rest of us. Instead of their mana they might like to worry about their crime and family violence. The frightful figures in these areas have absolutely nothing to do with colonisation: that is a weak but convenient excuse for them not having to take ownership of the disasters befalling their people.

Their questions in the House are all about the Treaty and the resultant negative effects on their people, instead of working jointly with government on policies that might help them. Winston is banging his head against a brick wall trying to get them to understand government policies are for everyone and are made on the basis of need, not race. He cited the recently announced 50 million dollar immunisation programme specifically for Maori, but they were not interested. Not even a thank you. It didn’t fit their narrative.

The Labour Party is either in denial or incapable of working out why they lost the election. I have listened to them in parliament. Barbara Edmonds is a case in point. She talks as if her party was right all along and gives the impression they had the necessary ingredients required to bake the economic cake. The fact that what they cooked were the books seems to have escaped her. The electorate rated the cake she talks about as wholly inedible.

These parties, if they want a chance to govern, will have to redesign their direction of travel. As of now the stars are not aligning for them. The ‘stars’ they have to worry about are all on the government benches. They are currently outshining the dimwits in the opposition and the light we are witnessing is in sharp contrast. Those endorphins might provide a nocturnal night ride but daylight always reveals a different reality, one the left are struggling to cope with. It must be disheartening to watch their ideologies disappearing in a puff of smoke. There are very few ‘highs’ for the opposition as a whole. If Carmel Sepuloni’s end of year speech was an example of intellect, then the coming year is looking very bleak for Labour. She said they were up for the fight, but in her rambling rhetoric she failed to land a punch. It was embarrassing to listen to. If that’s the best Labour can produce from a potential future leader, then 2024 will most likely be a year to forget.

JC is a right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. This article was first published HERE


hughvane said...

I don’t know how you earned the label ‘right wing crusader’, seems to me all you spout is good, solid sense; and I like the cut of your jib. ie. plain, non-ambivalent language. Blunt-speak, in other words.

In all your mutterances, it behoves you - and all of us - to get to grips with the notion that NZ politicians breathe different air. The effect of that is seen in the absurd policies, statements and behaviour from the Left of what we’re led to believe is the ‘middle line’. Time will tell if the other side fall over themselves to prove the perception.

Anonymous said...

A life-long Labour/Green voter, I always thought it was the government's job to promote 'a fair deal' for all its citizens, and the citizens' job to work as well as they could according to their abilities. I truly abhor this meaningless left/right distinction. Bit of a simpleton really.
Now I completely dismiss all the advice about what you think those deceitful, ignorant unintelligent people in Labour/Green/Te Pati Maori could do to get back into the race. They have done such damage to this country; I fervently wish them out of public life altogether. They truly are an embarrassment to the human race.

Kawena said...

The greens by name and greens by nature amaze me. They go on about our farmers to reduce their stock because they are causing climate change due to their flatulence but has anybody told them that there were between 60 million and 120 million (nobody took a head count) bison roaming the great plains of North America before the arrival of Europeans and all doing much the same thing?

Anonymous said...

What no-one should forget is that the Labour led Govt of the last three years led the most vicious attack on the people of this country, under the guise of a health emergency, that anyone has ever seen. On that basis they should be permanently excluded from Parliament, not just Govt. How anyone could vote for any of them is simply beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

This is another attack on the glue that holds society together by a cowardly right wing extremist who is too afraid to speak openly. He hides behind a mask.
He claims that his parties of choice are the righteous candidates to rule the country, the same parties that gave us the “ mother of all budgets “ that attacked the protections for the lesser well off members of society. They attacked the protections of the union movement in a similar manner to that which Margaret Thatcher had done so in the UK. They sold off State assets to their business friends, Air New Zealand, Tranz Rail, to name a couple. They underinvested in health, education and social services, preferring to spend their money on holiday highways for their rich friends.
When Labour got reelected under Helen Clark, they bought back Air NZ and Tranz Rail, they founded a new bank, they founded a superannuation scheme, they formed a fund for future superannuation expenditures, they got a trade agreement with China, they reduced Government debt, they were a highly successful team.
With Jacinda at the helm of the new government in 2017, she set about to once again look after the lesser well off members of society. She increased the minimum wage, she lifted pensions , brought in a winter heating supplement, brought in fees free educational programs, encouraged more people to go into trades training, increased spending on health . She also attempted to increase state house building but was stifled by factors outside her control.
She led a government that set about transforming public transport to get more vehicles off the roads, more freight onto rail, all in an effort to cut vehicle emissions. At the same time her government was formulating plans to improve our waterways, improve the RMA and also sort out the mess that was our water and sewage infrastructure.
Then along came the poisonous attack by a right wing extremist on the innocent members of the Christchurch Muslim community and the White Island tragedy, both incidents brought out the best from Jacinda. Her Government introduced gun reform that brought out the worst from sectors of our society which rivalled that of the NRA in the USA.
Then came Covid and such was the Government’s initial response, Labour swept to an unheard of victory in the 2020 election.
But what followed was an attack on Parliament led by right wing extremists that mirrored the Trump led invasion of the Congress.
The vitriol that commentators like yourself threw at the government, aided and abetted by opposition politicians seeking votes from the fringes.
Seymour’s clamouring for the Government to build a quarantine facility then to open the country to all and sundry showed he was a populist politician who ran with the hares and hunted with the hounds. In the meantime Winston was touring the country, linking up with the Anti Vax brigade.
National was leading the attack on the 3Waters proposal without offering any options.
The country was suffering from imported inflation, post Chinese Covid issues, yet the opposition laid the blame on the government.
When the storms hit the northern parts of the country with devastating floods that severely impacted on the horticultural and agricultural sectors, food production was drastically reduced with the resultant price increase on fruits and vegetables, the opposition was only too keen to lay the blame at the feet of the government. Good politics maybe, but honest, hell no, we are talking about politicians who can’t lie straight in their bed.
There were two major issues that impacted on Labour’s second term, both completely out of their control. Covid and the storms. The weather has been increasingly difficult to deal with and yet when the government attempted to introduce measures to ameliorate the issue, once again the opposition went out of their way to criticise without offering any alternatives.
So in closing, remove your blinkers and offer to pay your fair share of taxes, don’t clamour for a tax cut at the expense of services that the community needs.