Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Heather du Plessis-Allan: A tough start to the year for the new Government

Looks to me like it’s a tough old start to the year for the new Government.

This is basically day one of the news year, the TV news shows were back this morning, most of the big radio shows are back today- and what are we all talking about?

The big hui at Turangawaewae at the weekend, and the unexpectedly big Māori opposition to the Government's Māori related policies.

And it's not a one-off, there is more to come.

We've got Ratana on Wednesday, Waitangi Day in a couple of weeks, that's a run of stories about how grumpy the coalition Government is making some Māori.

And that is not how the Government will be wanting to kick off this year.

Generally, Governments like to start the year giving the impression they’re winning, they're doing things for you, they're announcing some stuff they're gonna get stuck into this year, gloating over a good bounce in the polls over summer and capitalising on us still feeling good.

Basically, they want to be able to set the tone and have it be a positive one, rather than have it set for them on day one with a negative tone.

I suspect - I could be wrong - but I suspect this is not a blip. I suspect this is how it’s going to be for the next few months on and off.

David Seymour is planning to introduce that Treaty Principles bill by May this year, that's gonna get hairy.

The media are quite hostile to the new Government, and apparently so is the Wellington Public Service, judging by yet another leak of a justice paper about the Treaty Principles bill.

Perfect timing- the day before the big hui.

The question is- how much do you and I, the voters, care about it?

If National can show they’re cracking the cost of living crisis, well that’s more important to most voters.

But getting that message out when everyone’s talking about grumpy huis? Well, that’s gonna be tough

Tough old start to the year, I'd say.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show.


Anonymous said...

Ms DuPlessis Allan suggests that:

1. Iwi are grumpy - well the general public are extremely grumpy about Iwi and their outrageous attack on NZ's democracy including the total lack of consultation about our future.

2. that Iwi happiness is paramount to social cohesion- she is well aware that Iwi will never be happy till they effect tribal rule (paid for by the dwindling number of tax payers). Even then, their bullying of the 83% will continue.

Is she asleep?

Anonymous said...

Debbie packer's mother is full irish. I wonder if she thinks her irish relatives were all evil colonists? More and more of those on the left are turning out to be frauds and hypocrites. They can't do anything. They are powerless at 2 or 3% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say the big Maori opposition was unexpected. The media, the Left and Maori radicals are going to put up a massive fight. The next election is already only 2 years away and I expect the new Government is going to face constant media attacks to try and oust it in 2026.

Rob Beechey said...

Of course the media is hostile toward the new government. These lefties haven’t forgiven the voters for chucking out their buddies. The Wgtn public servant numbers are justifiably jumpy with a guillotine hovering over their heads and Ardern’s apartheid policies has destroyed our once harmonious existence. The last thing New Zealand needs is a political commentator screeching the bleeding obvious.

Robert Arthur said...

DPA is hopelssely out of touch if she thinks a violent once were warriors reaction is unexpected. With theprospect of total control (via co governance) so near and now receding the wild demonstrations will be considerabl. The msm could hugely mollify by presenting the counter case but they remain committed to the pro maori cause, presumably still seeing it as the best cash cow. And RNZ remains pro maori because it has been so extensively infiltrated by maori at all levels. (example. midday interview of Seymour 22 jan)

Anonymous said...

Heather it’s only a problem for the Govt if they take any notice of the media. And who would do that after the last 6 years?

N B H said...

Who cares about a bunch of grumpy Maories as David Seymour said 10.000 only make up 0.02% of our population why are they even getting coverage, we get three times and more at a rugby match where people have to pay and no free food.
More and more people you talk to dont watch tv news and how many newspapers are now sold absolutely stuff all the MSM audience is shrinking daily and when the slush fund runs out so will a big number of their jobs and not before time.
Shane Jones put it very well their is no place in our constatution for Iwi interference, while Luxon may struggle to stay on track there is enough others with plenty of experience to keep the rails straight.
The Big Huia was just that a lot of huey.

Anonymous said...

A tough year for the iwi elite more like it. I would hope the government just keeps doing what it's doing - govern. The iwi and lefty cry babies knew all along that they were taking the and it would be wise for them to quickly pivot to a more inclusive stance.