Thursday, November 25, 2021

Kate Hawkesby: National Party have completely stuffed this up


What the hell is going on inside the National Party? 

Here's the problem with that question. We shouldn't even be asking it. We shouldn't need to ask it. They shouldn't be making everything about them and drawing attention to themselves in this way - at a critical time for the opposition to make hay, with so much material available to them to clobber the government with. What are they thinking? 

This hit job on Bridges is so poorly timed, mind you, so is his clearly bungled coup attempt. 

But look at all the things they could be jumping on here: the staggering MIQ announcement yesterday - no Kiwis coming home for Christmas, no trans-Tasman bubble, in fact, no access for Australians at all without MIQ until April next year for goodness' sake. 

I mean this is the most cruel and crazy decision. In fact, even the Kiwis who can come home mid-January still have to self-isolate for seven days when they do. It's pure fortress NZ madness and ripe fodder for a functioning opposition. 

Add to that, the traffic light law rushed through under urgency last night - flawed and full of government over reach with holes all through it - again, ripe for the picking. 

You can also add to all this the fact that today is day 100 of Auckland being locked down... one hundred. 

Which in and of itself is so unbelievable and unnecessary. The timing right now for the opposition to have an absolute field day with the Government's mess is all there for the taking, and yet what does National do? Shoot itself in the foot, again. 

And let's look at the incredulous leap we're expected to make here - again timing wise, in regards to this Jacqui Dean complaint. 

She's had 5 years to litigate this and pursue it. Why now? Why wasn't it canvassed when Simon was elected leader? Why wasn't it raised when Todd Muller rolled Simon as leader? Why was it never pursued earlier when she had 5 years to pursue it? 

Yet, on the brink of an alleged coup attempt by Simon, this complaint magically appears. 

And speaking of Simon, coup 101 mate, do it quietly. Grinning all over the media like the cat who got the cream, playing with questions from journalists like it's all a big game, leaking about your prospects - how's that smart?  

All that did was infuriate Judith, strengthen her resolve, clue her in to your plans, and ensure she was going to hobble them... and you. 

And here we are. Back at the root of everything National keeps getting wrong - forgetting who they're here to serve, forgetting they're a team.  

All this self-serving crap does is put voters off, and make the National Party look like even more of a circus than the government currently is, which is really saying something.  

This is an opportunity squandered, a terribly timed hit job, on the back of a bungled coup attempt, by a party that just cannot get out of its own way.

Kate Hawkesby is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB - her articles can be seen HERE.


DeeM said...

Looks like Collins knew she was going to be rolled so stuck the knife in Bridges as her parting shot.
What a pair!
Never thought Collins was much good as leader. Often looked and sounded confused and a little bewildered.
Bridges had his go and he was almost universally disliked by the public. He also has a massive ego problem but that's not unusual in politics.
So who are we left with? If you believe TV1's Mutch-Mackay, it's either Mark Mitchell (really!!!) or Chris Luxton (Mr Woke). With Nicola Willis and Chris Bishop as outside chances.
No mention of Mr Reti. Maybe he's checking his numbers before throwing his hat in the ring.

Yes, it's a distraction but come on, Judith was never going to make it to 2023 so best to change now. I only care because ACT will need a semi-functional National Party to stand a chance of forming the next government.

Janine said...

Can we please, please get a political party that is principled and cares about us, the New Zealand people. All this self-interest from all parties is downright abominable.

I have no one worth voting for. I don't like any of the proposed National candidates. We need an opposition not a Labour "clone".

Also, why do they care so much about the " medias" opinion? None of us do.

I would vote Act here in Tauranga but that would mean a Labour victory. So many few choices.

Rob said...

I hate the timing but I'm glad Collins is gone. Labour is propped up by a co-hort of mainly women median voters who have a celebrity attraction to Ardern but who dislike both Bridges and Collins intensely. National need to appoint someone who can appeal to those voters. The rest can be decided in the coalition with ACT after the next election.

Ray S said...

National are a right royal screw up. They have missed so many opportunities to stick it to Labour they really dont deserve much support.
The people standing in the wings don't appeal much.

Labour must be loving all this and can see they won't need to make any promises come election.

Max Ritchie said...

Janine: we now have MMP. You can vote for whoever you like, it’s the Party vote which matters. Actually Bridges is a good electorate MP, so give him your vote there, just remember to vote ACT for your party vote.

Janine said...

Max. Unfortunately we had Todd Muller. Enough said! I won't be voting National again as they have become ridiculously woke. Their new candidate would need to be of Trump proportions for me at this stage! I questioned Erica Stanford who said it was "up to others" to worry about Churchills portrait being removed. I questioned Judith and David Seymour about defunding the media. Neither would do that. I have written to them on many issues and they are non- committal. I just don't trust them. People in the BOP can't vote Act because the Labour candidate was not far behind Todd( and that's when he was popular). Where were National on Maori Wards? Pretty mediocre pushback.

People need to scrutinize their candidates as some people seem to have no idea what these people actually believe in.