Sunday, December 24, 2023

Alistair Boyce: The ‘RECKONING’…its “napalm in the morning”

In April ’22 on a forlorn post parliamentary occupation afternoon I looked up from my workbench as a dapper and wizened gunslinger, not unknown to me or anyone else, walked through to the designated outside leaner and settled in.

I had been waiting a long time for him even though it felt like he had never gone away. We had much to discuss, there were things I needed to say and things I needed to hear. But most of all I needed to see the look in his eyes. His eyes were wild, open, thinking and full of intent. And I knew he was back, and not a moment too soon. 

It’s now Christmas time ‘23 and most of the country is having a massive sigh of relief as a committed, stable, rational coalition government has formed, stamped its authority and taken control back toward a productive market led liberal democracy based on equality, traditional values and opportunity. At the government’s helm is the master of MMP, and the king of comebacks. He is the ultimate, parliamentary pugilist. His enemies and detractors’ write him off at their peril and their immediate fates are sealed. For it is not over until it is over and in this case that is when the gunslinger says it is over. Indeed, there is a new law, and its back in town.  

Arise again Winston Peters and assume your mantle as the enigmatic, charismatic and ferocious leader you were always destined to be. This is your hour. Love him or hate him you have to respect him. He is clearly at the table and in the tent. This time he is carving corrective surgery. The centre right always needed a third party to ensure a change of government and Winston delivered. Marginalise this man and his party at your peril. There is clear intent and a developing culture toward a coalition that leads New Zealand back to the real world and the first world. 

Be under no illusion as the facts and fallacy of the 6th Labour governments tenure emerges in its incompetent totality. It is the 11th hour. The NZ economy is on its knees. The country has been divided and polarised especially in terms of ethnicity. Whole sectors and groups have been marginalised. Identity politics and ideology have been pre-eminent and judgemental as culture, equality, common truths, justice and values were turned upside down. 

The country clearly voted this new dangerously progressive society down and installed a centre right grouping. These political parties have massive and positive cross overs of policy to correct the imbalance. Chris Luxon and the Natsprovide pragmatic, competent and sensible governance. David Seymour and ACT provide the hard-working policy. Winston Peters and NZ 1st provide quick populist solutions and the immediate vehicle to expose the hollow, fragile incompetency that now inhabits the opposition benches and who are now writhing in disbelief as they frantically try to regroup in rear guard action. 

The opposition are not capable of mustering a coherent argument as the coalition turn back the immediate idiocy of Labour led legislation. The coalition are also looking to inject some confidence and stability back into the markets as New Zealand faces an economic cliff. Levers are being pulled hard and fast. The public sector is reeling to the adjustment back to working life and measurable outcomes. Yes, they must become accountable for actions and not just indulge in spurious conspiratorial virtue signalling. Policy without action is redundant as it has no positive consequence. Labour does not understand this and suffered a credibility crisis. The magnitude of the ineptitude is slowly being filtered through to the greater populace, led by new media. 

Meanwhile the Mainstream Media (MSM) continue to be the cheerleader of the Labour ‘Titanic holding hands to the last and baying loudly as their audience of public devotees slide through their fingers. MSM continue a refusal to report accurately the unpalatable truths emerging from the disaster of the last parliamentary term. The MSM are as culpable as Labour. The obvious cronyism sent their way by the morally corrupt Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF) is continually evident. The ongoing fallout from this expedient Labour largess is yet to be determined but significant for two initial reasons. Firstly, the PIJF undermined our democracy, failed the scrutiny test and obviously influenced the election by only being a cheerleader for the Left. It was daily advertorials. Secondly the 4th estate is now in a self-destructive flux where there are very few impartial news outlets. The state funded media appears hopelessly compromised as is most independent MSM. Consequently, the business models are fast dissolving and being replaced by a wild west. A new disparate cacophony of media has emerged. 

Back to the phenomena of the Winston effect. The cut and thrust of Winston provides direction, leadership and cause for some hope. His “no-nonsense” attack and style has prescience and is gaining momentum (Winston’s opening parliamentary speech climbed to 180000 views in a matter of days). MSM have reached the point where they have no option but to report what he says and the arguments he produces. Luxon has sensibly pulled back on traditional ‘Tory’ hubris and backed ‘the man’. Winston can articulate in substance and style what no other politician can, especially on Maori issues. Winston has already exposed the elitist, racist and anti-democratic consequences of He Puapua and the ongoing revisionism that weaponizes the Treaty. There will never be another of Winston Peters’ ilk. Seymour wisely waits in the wings for he needs to drive deregulation and he knows his turn will come and it will be leading into the next election. All in all, the process of forming the coalition agreement has neatly allowed ACT and NZ 1st the space to complete the necessary triumphant tripartite…and tight it currently is. Winston and Seymour have buried their history and differences for the common good. Luxon can be the CEO he is while Winston bats away the flies of a decadent and now decaying beast. 

Winston is in his ascendancy and necessarily leading the charge with ‘utu’ against the traitorous Labour party and the compromised MSM. While others will waiver, Winston, especially in parliament, provides a relentless expose of the post-modern, vacuous, progressive propaganda that pours from the mouths of Te Pati Maori, the Greens and Labour and is faithfully regurgitated by MSM.  

The continual ‘post-colonial’, socialist and revolutionary rhetoric coming from the Greens and Te Pati Maori especially, fails the test of reality as they greedily drink from that very ‘post-colonial’ fountain/trough that under Labour’s watch was fast turning rancid. The revolutionary message is only powerful if they refuse and refute the fruits. There is no trickle down in a tribal economy and it is a race to the bottom in a socialist one as now proven in New Zealand’s rapid economic decline.  

Currently the children of the Left (including MSM) are the children of the grave clamouring for relevance and struggling to understand the reality of an almighty demise. They have met their match and their match “loves the smell of napalm in the morning. The Winston reckoning has begun in earnest. Watch the bullets fly and the ‘cry-bullies’ sulk. 

Long live Sir Winston, leading the fight to save New Zealand in a very dark hour.  

Alistair Boyce is the owner of the iconic Wellington pub the Backbencher. 


Allan said...

If anyone wants a laugh this Christmas look up the interview with Hippy, the little schoolboy, on RNZ .In it he says that he still hasn't worked out why Labour lost the election, really? He seems to console himself with the statement " Some you win, some you lose, the tide comes in and the tide goes out"
Maybe the words of someone whose horse just came in last, but not a seasoned politician who just witnessed the worst ever election defeat for his party. I hope he is the Labour leader for at least the next two elections.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this excellent, refreshing and uplifting article Alistair Boyce. Well done that man.

EP said...

I'm with you Alistair. Thank you for these words of good sense. It can hardly be all smooth sailing, But I feel some optimism that we are over the anger and the hatred engendered by the last incompetents - who were not evil people, but just so WRONG. I genuinely hope, for their sakes that they may achieve wisdom, so that they do not go on dragging ignorant credulous people down with them.

Anonymous said...

Winston's finest hour......
Cometh the moment, cometh the man....

Thanak goodness enough NZ voters saw this and took action in time

Robert Arthur said...

re Allan above. All the parties have vast communications teams. But I wonder what they do. Scanning the various websites, and especially the mature as BV, would seem to be elementary. They cannot help but grasp that the election was lost because the public were given their first opportunity to show their dissatisfaction with policy trends without incurring cancellation. Probably the staff are themselves too afraid of cancellation to even express such an interpretation, so Hipkins and his like, too busy or proud to research personally, or too single minded, remain in dream land.

Anonymous said...

Very good article. Al is right on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

What a well written article! It paints such a dramatic picture and I can almost imagine political cartoons arising from the descriptions.

Anonymous said...

I was there at the protest when Winnie came up the steps and was immediately surrounded by the people...I knew then he was going to come back.
long live winnie!

Richard Treadgold said...

Well written, indeed. We give it a hip and a hip and a full-voice huzzah!

We shall post this sublime composition to our website and hope it reaches the whole country and beyond. We eagerly anticipate more inspiration from Alistair on our widely-admired New Zealand democracy—third-oldest in the world.

Fine work, Mr Boyce.

The Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill, 2022, would have endowed each Maori vote with three times the elective power of each General vote (as reported by Barry Brill on the NZCPR website).

Fortunately, Attorney-General David Parker wasn't having it. He stepped in to say it went against the NZ Bill of Rights Act, and those on the General roll would have been discriminated against. A few months later Labour quietly dropped it.

We note that only our solid democratic tradition let us escape the growing legal disaster after voters learned the facts in an unlikely grass-roots campaign of truth-telling (with no support from our once-loyal media). It was just in time. The treasonous activists needed only a few months before they might have put our electoral escape forever beyond our reach.

Richard Treadgold
Free New Zealand

Muzza said...

A brilliant summary of how the coalition will lead us out of darkness. An unlikely and very narrow escape!