Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Clive Bibby: Observations from a sodbuster that may be of interest

The comments l am about to make will no doubt force a reaction from those who have difficulty facing reality even in a good week.

We all know these individuals in our society but few see the need to challenge them with the truth about what are the limiting factors to us all living in harmony even some of the time.

Without question, the modern world has been and in some areas still is, in the hands of people with an exaggerated sense of their own importance and entitlement who seem hell bent on destroying all the traditional societal cornerstones that have allowed us to build communities that flourish even during self inflicted adversity or natural climate related destructive events.

We might ask, why has it been allowed to descend to this For what it is worth, l believe there are some things that you can put a ring around as likely outcomes resulting from headline events throughout the world in the last days of 2023 because most of these predictions are based on irrefutable evidence.

You will note l do not include any predictions about world climate except to say that it will remain unpredictable.

1) The War in Gaza

Despite the world wide support for the innocent Palestinian cause, Israel is committed to ending this fight with Hamas once and for all and will take whatever steps it believes are necessary in order to eliminate the constant threat to its survival on its southern border. If it achieves its objectives in Gaza and Iran, having lost that round, turns its proxy support to Hezbollah in the north, we can expect a repeat performance which would be over much quicker if the IDF is unrestrained by the absence of the hostage factor.

2) The 2024 US Presidential elections.

It is becoming clearer by the day that the Biden administration / Democrat Party / MSM / Public Servant / Academia Coalition is faltering in its attempts to stop Donald Trump gaining the Republican nomination. If the Supreme Court is involved at any stage in the process aimed at putting the ex President behind bars, the current administration’s flagrant abuse of the judicial system will be exposed for what it is.

In that context, it is likely that Trump will go on to win his party nomination followed by the Presidential election against whoever the Democrats choose to oppose him. And just to make the Democrat supporters choke on their muesli, if Donald Trump decides to announce Nicki Halley (former Trump UN ambassador) as his running mate, the election would already be “No contest”.

My pick is that, come November next year,  the Biden family will be so damaged by the unravelling of the family closet secrets that he will be forced to withdraw his candidacy but the person who accepts the “poisoned challis”nomination will be unelectable as well simply because of guilt by association. They are toast!

We have yet to hear the full extent of the blatant misuse of power during the last 3 years and it is only going to get worse during the next 12 months.

3) The first 12 months of the National / Act / NZ First Coalition Government.

I must say, l have been pleasantly surprised with the initial response to the task ahead from those we have entrusted our future - at least for the next 3yr term.

I must admit to misgivings about Luxon’s apparent Woke tendencies which, having been a Judith Collins supporter, may prove to have been a precipitate and somewhat unfair reaction to his ascendancy to National Party leader and finally Prime Minister.

I also wondered whether the Act and NZ First negotiators would be able to reach compromise positions on some of their ideological “bottom lines”.

So far things appear to be happening faster than expected and, in spite of the false claims from supporters of past ideologies that the Coalition agreement would be bad for the country, they appear to have found a way where they can all peacefully co-exist while working together in the best interests of us all.

Let’s hope that they keep it up.

At least we are able to enjoy the Festive Season knowing that at last the adults are back in charge.

There will be stumbles and failures to achieve some of the targets unavoidably set in a crisis atmosphere that we usually only experience during wartime.

But the good news is that this government has a purpose which involves seeking outcomes that benefit all New Zealanders irrespective of where they stand on the social ladder or what tribe they are descended from.

It makes for a return to trust in those who occupy the treasury benches that they have our back.

It has been too long in coming but the wait has been worth it.

In the meantime, there is every reason for confidence that conservative views on things that matter are in the ascendancy and that this festive season, we will be able to reflect on the immediate past with hope that we have turned the corner.

Happy New Year!

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


N B H said...

As always very well said Clive. To my mind Trump or Biden as President of a nation with 340 million people is a very sad state of affairs.
At least in NZ we have a good mix of experience and youth to make things happen and my belief is Luxon wil be a top Prime minister as he has the right people behind him in the coalition mix, so here's to a positive future for New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Let us hope that this excellent analysis proves correct.

The proposed national conversation on Treaty principles to start in 2024 will be perhaps the greatest challenge NZ has ever faced.

Rob Beechey said...

Very well written Clive. I totally endorse your points. The nightmare is over in NZ but I fear for our once strong ally, the US. The expiry of the Biden Govt’s disastrous term in office can’t come soon enough. Like NZ, both countries paid an enormous price for a disastrous election result.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Robert Kennedy Jr has of course also thrown his hat into the ring. The global media then called him a nutter. They think he is the nutter compared to the other two!

Anonymous said...

The MSM wouldn't have a clue but logic suggests and polls support the notion that Kennedy will erode Biden's base more than Trumps. That is why the Democrats may be forced to promote a Kennedy candidacy just in case Biden won't
go voluntarily. A lot of Republicans would vote for Robert Kennedy ahead of Trump so that contest would make things more interesting and competitive
We'll see

Anonymous said...

Clive, can I suggest you ring TVNZ/ Auckland and check on the "health of Anna Burns- Francis" (not sure what her married name is) - and ask if - she has read your article/ item no 2 and 'did she choked on her muesli', when doing so?

You may recall, whilst posted to New York for TVNZ News, when reporting on D J Trump (usually from New York), her obvious bile toward him, with her reports many have influenced many in the Country (who now show an open contempt for Trump - in both verbal & written comments) - and as you rightly point out - "the current actions, to destabilize any Trump return to the White House, are political (as many Americans know) - but sadly not in NZ".

The same can be said for the Israeli/Hamas confrontation - what NZ is NOT told - makes us a "poor Country when it comes to knowledge of International Affairs".

Tom L said...

The conduct you condem in your third paragraph would seem to be the very epitomy of Trump.

I do note most observers believe Biden won the election in a fair democratic process . And has neither been charged nor prosecuted of any wrongdoings.

Unlike Mr Trump.

Clive Bibby said...

Tom L .
It’s a bit premature to suggest Biden hasn’t been charged or prosecuted for wrong doings. The Congressional impeachment inquiry is pretty close to charging him on a number of counts.
The irony is that Trump has never been charged or prosecuted for leading or inciting an insurrection - even though that is the number one criminal activity most of his detractors are trying to convict him on.
You may well think that they can’t make the charges stick even in a court overseen by hand picked Trump haters.
My guess is that it won’t happen because the evidence capable of supporting a successful prosecution simply doesn’t exist .

Tom Logan said...

Mr Bibby,
In both our own and the US legal system there is a presumption of innocence unless proven guilty. I note as of now Mr Biden has not been charged with any offence.

However Mr Trump most certainly has been charged. Special Counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with 4 federal crimes stemming from his attempts to derail the transfer of power between election day in 2020 and the events of Jan 6 2021.

On August 1, 2023 the Grand jury approved an indictment against Trump charging him with " an extraordinary conspiracy that threatened to disenfranchise millions of Americans".

Those charges were; 2 felony counts including 1 conspiracy count of obstructing an official proceeding under 18 USC section 1512, 1 felony count of conspiring to defraud the United States under 18 USC section 371 and 1 felony count of conspiracy of rights under 18 USC section 241.

Trump has been charged with 4 crimes in the investigation. Two relate to the disruption of Congress' certification of the electoral vote on Jan 6th. One alleges a scheme to defraud the United States through a sustained effort to impede the collection ,counting and certification of votes in the 2020 election. And the fourth accuses Trump of conspiring to deprive citizens of a right secured under federal law, specifically the right to vote and have ones vote counted.

I'm glad I'm not in Trumps shoes, as convictions under these charges carry a penalty of imprisonment.

And I note that in the absence of any disagreement by you with my statement that Trump is himself guilty of that conduct which you express in your 3rd paragraph to be so abbhorent, then we must be in total agreement on the point.

Tom Logan, Takapuna.

Clive Bibby said...

Tom Logan
The reason Donald Trump and his millions of supporters continue to legitimately claim that the 2020 election was stolen is simply because it was.
Any person with an modicum of intelligence reading the news following the events leading up to and immediately following that election would have seen how the MSM conspired to conceal the Hunter Biden laptop story that would have, on its own, resulted in a landslide victory for Trump.
So, l most certainly disagree with your final paragraph that he has or will be convicted of criminal activity in any court that bears a resemblance to one committed to justice being served.
You guys, like the MSM and left wing politicians in this country and other western democracies, are and have been in denial that your time in the sun is over.
Better get over it and prepare for a (hopefully) prolonged period of governance by those who respond to the will of the people.
Having said that Tom, l do wish you a rewarding New Year with the opportunities for sharing rational opinions it brings.
That is what democracy is all about.
Perhaps you might agree with that.

Tom Logan said...

And just to correct my omission, I note the Colorado Supreme Court ruled this month that Trump is disqualified from holding the office of President under the Consitution's so called "insurrection clause " and ordered the Secretary of State to exclude his name from the States Republican Presidential Primary Ballot.

Clive Bibby said...

Yes and Michigan has done the opposite which will no doubt be repeated when US Supreme Court gets to rule on the Colorado Court’s unconstitutional decision.

Tom Logan said...

Your comment the election was stolen because "simply it was" is quite different to Trump's Attorney General and long time supporter Bill Barr's views. He openly stated at the time there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the election. He further commented that Trump was " detached from reality".

And since no charges were brought against Hunter or Joe Biden after after FBI examination of the laptop I can't imagine how this issue could have created a landslide in Trumps favor.

You may wish to advise the Colorado Supreme Court that the Court has no resemblance to one that bears a resemblance to one that is committed to justice being served. Or Special Counsel Jack Smith.

And I assure you that Trump has already been convicted in a court committed to justice being served.

Having never voted other than National I do not take offence at your comments of "you guys" etc. I do think it is unnecessary you resort to such assumptions.

I do agree with you that the sharing of rational opinions is fundamental to democracy. However the communication between us has certainly not that been that. I am simply just publicly fact checking your opinions against massively authoritative and publicly available sources.

This is not what Democracy is about . If we are to be successful in resolving the many issues facing our country we need substantial rational debate concerned with the facts and the truth. That's what Democracy is about.

Was it Alice in Wonderland that claimed that "it is because it is"? Or Jacinda ?

However in the spirit of new year goodwill and with huge thanks for this forum I wish to offer you my services in advance fact checking your future publications.

Tom Logan, Takapuna, a decile 10 suburb ,always gloriously National

Rob Beechey said...

Of course the election was stolen. Even blind Freddy can see that. The battle ground States were flooded with mail in ballots, no ID required. Counting observers were retired for the night with Trump ahead only to discover the following day that the counting continued through the night delivering a a favourable swing to the Dems. Basement Biden claimed to have received 81 million votes, far more than even Obama??? There is nothing democratic about the Dems. I believe the Southern Border has been flung wide open by design, allowing millions of illegals into the country then granting them citizenship to gratefully vote for the worst mob ever to occupy the Whitehouse.

Clive Bibby said...

I do my own fact checking which is the basis upon which l make my statements. eg. It was because of the FBI and MSM collaboration to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story that few of the voters in the 2020 general election knew about the scandal about to consume the Biden family including the “fairly elected” President.
But my guess is that it will be a different story now that the congressional inquiries are about to impeach Joe Biden and a number of other office holders in his administration.
You may like to bet your house on which of the last two Presidents ends up in jail.
Given the evidence about to be exposed to full public view, you may want to review your so called facts. Be careful what you wish for.
We’ll see.

Tom Logan said...

Mr Bibby you might like to advise the Former US Attorney General Bill Barr how to better fact check what he witnessed personally. He seems to have a vastly different opinion to yourself. What would he know ?

And you should also advise the four defendants in the Georgia election interference trial that they didn't need to admit their guilt and enter a plea bargain agreement. I'm sure from your point of view they are as pure as the driven snow.

And perhaps you should have a word in the ear of Trump advisor attorney Kenneth Chesebro who has already pleaded guilty in the Georgia trial and is currently assisting prosecutors in that state as well as Michigan , Wisconsin and Nevada.

And I note today the State of Maine has had Trump's name removed from the Republican Presidential Ballot Paper. Quite without good reason you believe no doubt.

It's just so easy to see through all the lies and mistruths and conspiracies from down here in little old New Zealand. I bet Bill Barr and Kenneth Chesebro and the Georgia plea bargainers wish they had your knowledge and clarity of judgement. Perhaps you could get on the phone to them all tomorrow.

Or perhaps they had the strength to acknowledge they got it wrong and could fess up to it rather than dig a bigger hole for themselves. Yes, some have the strength to do that Clive.

The Fulton County District Attorney has indicated she will seek prison sentences for those found guilty in the Georgia trial so that's one race Trump is already well ahead in, and will most probably win ! And I bet he'll have more than a few old mates in their with him.

And again as one National supporter to another in order to preserve your credibility I once again offer to fact check your future publications

Tom Logan, from Takapuna, a decile 10 suburb, always gloriously National.

Clive Bibby said...

I think you need to take your own advice Tom and check what the political pundits of all colours are saying about these latest attempts to derail the Trump campaign.
Yesterday when the cricket was washed out, l turned to US channels and watched a number of guest commentators who claimed to be loyal Democrats, vociferously condemning these latest moves as being, amongst other things - unconstitutional and as such, likely to be overruled by the US Supreme Court (probably in a 9 to nothing judgement) when it gets the chance.
Most observers with an ounce of common sense have come to realise that the Biden Dynasty is dead in the water - a bit like the kiwi voters who, once exposed to the truth about our own “Empress with no clothes”, reacted in unequivocal manner - although Dame Jacinda jumped before she was dumped. Biden is probably blissfully unaware of his own train-wreck just around the corner so continues to mistakenly believe in his own immortality.
My guess is that the Democrats will have no choice but to find a way of replacing the hapless, illegitimate candidate in an effort to avert a massacre at the polls. They already have in Robert Kennedy Junior, someone who could at least make the contest more even - he might even beat Trump. But that would require those who have invested so much in “Basement Biden” to disavow their own commitment to the dark side of American politics and so, rather than being indicted themselves, will go down with the ship.
Bring it on.

Tom Logan said...

Mr Bibby, please tell us why did Bill Barr the US Attorney General say "there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the election "? Why did he say "Trump was detached from reality " Why ? Just tell us why. No commentary on conspiracies or the MSM. Why do you think he said that ? I saw the man on TV say it himself, it was on most of the channels in the US , if not the Western World. It was definitely him, I saw his lips move ,I saw and heard the words come out of his mouth. Why did he say it Mr Bibby. Why ?

Why did Chesebro an Attorney and Trump advisor admit guilt in the electoral college fraud. That's his legal career over. He may well spend time behind bars. He admitted guilt. Was he beaten ,tortured , blackmailed. Why did he admit guilt Mr Bibby ?

Why did 4 of the accused in Georgia case admit guilt, Again were they beaten ,tortured, blackmailed. Why did they admit guilt Mr Bibby. Why ?

Why did all these people admit wrongdoing and guilt ? You must have an answer.

To deny this shows logic of a nature only Monty Python could dream up.

Or are they all part of the cover up themselves, admitting to being part of the Trump theft when in fact they are part of the Biden theft ! I think your on to something there Clive, you'd better get on to the US MSM straight away !

And by the way , I saw Elvis this morning, yes I did, seen him with my own eyes !

Tom Logan said...

Mr Bibby,

To put it into absolute crystal clarity for you , no one from the Biden camp has been charged with any electoral offences.

But people in the Trump camp have not only been charged, they have pleaded guilty !

What more needs be said ?

Ewan McGregor said...

These are compelling questions from Mr Logan, Clive Bibby. I assume you will address them, as you should. I look forward to your answers. E M

Clive Bibby said...

I don’t have to justify my own opinions on this or any other particular topic and am satisfied that my comments in response to Tom Logan’s questions provide enough background information for any rational person to understand the conclusions I arrive at.
I’m not asking anybody to agree with my opinions, just that they are accepted as genuinely held beliefs based on what we know to be true.
I am prepared to accept that Tom sees the US political scene though different lenses to me and would defend his right to hold those opinions.
However, unlike Ewan McGregor and Ian Findlay who challenge anything l write simply because they find my existence a blight on humanity,
Tom appears to be challenging the basis of my conclusions which he is entitled to do.
Unfortunately, he expects me to recant most of what l have written which won’t happen so l guess we must wait and see which one of us is right although, l would doubt there will be a definitive answer either way.
In the meantime Tom, you are welcome to continue your assault on my credibility through the many other channels where my comments are a matter of public record.
There are a number in the pipeline that you might like to challenge when the get published.
But to you personally, please accept my best wishes for the New Year and 2024 as it evolves. Anything has to be better than this last one.

Tom Logan said...

It was stolen because it was, or blind Freddy could see it was stolen as one of your supporters claimed ,is not the normal language of rational debate.

Why did 5 sane and normal people plead guilty to these offences ? And in doing so ruin their homes and family, their mental health their careers, their futures. That is very,very sad. Because they were guilty perhaps ?

Mr McGregor and I and no doubt others reading this debate await, and are entitled to your answer .

And just to dispel one of your other assertions, I'm no fan of Mr Biden.

And I certainly have no need to assault your credibility Mr Bibby.

I accept your kind wishes and offer you mine in return. And my offer of fact checking your future publications remains on the table.

Very best of the season to you Mr Bibby.

Ewan McGregor said...

For the record Clive, I don’t find your ‘existence a blight on humanity’; such a comment just reveals a sense of victimhood. I just find much of what you write nonsense, and nothing more so than your American political observations. For instance, had the public known what is on Hunter Biden’s (stolen) laptop before the 2020 election Trump would have been re-elected in a landslide has to be way outside rational thought. You have a right to express your views and I have a right to challenge them. Finally, Tom Logan’s questions remain unanswered.

Clive Bibby said...

So does the one I’ve asked of you over the last 8 years.
With apologies to JFK- “Ask not what l can do for you but what you can do for me”.
That it from me.
Thanks to those who contributed to the exchange in a manner relevant to the topic being discussed. I accept that there will always be
two sides to every story. In an enlightened environment, neither side can claim to have a mortgage on the truth.
Our interpretations of the facts just differ - that all. But coming events will prove one of us got it more right than the other. We’ll see.
Happy New Year.