Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Garrick Tremain: Response to "MISSING TREMAIN"

A recent post on “bassetbrashandhide" titled “MISSING TREMAIN” was appreciated, bringing forth comments flattering in the extreme. Perhaps an explanation for my silence is in order.

In 2019 I gladly parted ways with the increasingly woke Otago Daily Times after 32 years as its daily cartoonist. A number of readers contacted me to plead that I continue cartooning, despite having no outlet. I advised that should I produce further cartoons I would email such work to them.

They were interesting times under the most incompetent and destructive government this country has ever experienced, which kept me cartooning for nearly another 4 years. Daily output was emailed to 400+ followers, and beyond. It has been a FOC service to them and, for me, an outlet for frustrations.

As this year’s election loomed I experienced unprecedented levels of nausea and decided I would not cartoon beyond the election. I have kept the promise, so far without regret. Nor have I missed the antics of the main players. I have not, in fact, watched TVNZ News or listened to RadioNZ for the past 3 years.

A couple of weeks after this year’s election I began receiving queries from readers as to the state of my health. I assured all that my health is fine.

I may, or may not, produce further cartoons. The current scene is, after all, ripe for satire, with Te Pati Maori and the Greens rewriting history and screeching that democracy be replaced with apartheid: the spectacle of the new Prime Minister bewildered by the weight of responsibility before him, whilst his deputy steals the march by, so far, keeping his election promises: the effrontery of the totally disgraced former government members popping their empty heads above the parapet to spout the nonsensical vitriol that characterised their six years in power. In their desperation to hamper the new government they are assisted by the spoiled brats of the main-stream-media, smarting that they could not get their chosen government re-elected. Like the universities they throw petulant tantrums of spite while indulging anti-semitism.

Equally perplexing are those who voted for the coalition parties and now sit back regarding the job as done. How naive !!! The damage done to this country in the last 6 years will take generations and considerable turmoil to rectify … if it can be done!

Should further cartoons eventuate (undecided at this point) those who have occasionally acknowledged receipt of my work will continue to receive it. Thank you for your support.

Garrick Tremain

Garrick Tremain is one of New Zealand's best known artists and political cartoonists. With a background in farming and advertising, he has a wonderful ability to capture in images exactly what people are thinking in a way that makes us laugh. You can see his more of his work on his website HERE. this article was published HERE


JamesA said...

Hi Garrick
I can only hope it's just time-out rather than missing in action. You may not remember many years ago drawing a cartoon of out pet black Labrador called (probably inappropriately) Winnie Mandela.

Bless you.

Robert Bird said...

I have looked your cartoons Garrick. They are fantastic. Hope to see some again, but only when you are ready. Merry Xmas etc

Kiwialan said...

Garrick, sharing your cartoons with family and friends during the shambolic chaos of Labours attempted governing was one of the reasons I kept my sanity. Without you, Breaking Views, Hosking, HdPA and a few other platforms many of us wouldn't have made it through the incompetent, corrupt mess. Thank you. Kiwialan.

robert Arthur said...

That he is well is the best news since the election results. Hardly a substitute but if he contributed columns as above would partly compensate for no further great traditional style cartoons.
When the Herald counts the subscriptions lost since Monday front page,they might recognise how out of touch they are with the times and hire a competent cartoonists to signal achange of direction as we enter the post maorification era.
(The Luxon lingo incident alone would seem to be scope fro a myriad cartoons. Maori should be bidding to pay him to take lessons)

Anonymous said...

Garrick work has been so appreciated in the recent difficult times. Garrick has given much sanity in a dystopian era we thought would never pass. I agree, much work is yet to be done and we would like Garrick to continue his work. Well done. Peter

Anonymous said...

As a political cartoonist, surely you cannot resist recording the events to come in 2024-26?

They will be a unique opportunity to lampoon.

You would be the best weapon for the Coalition against the destructive onslaught from the Lefty and the msm.

Please, please do this.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure like for a great many NZrs, your truly exceptional artistic and comic talent for so succinctly capturing the issues of the day is sorely missed. But for someone with such a prolific past production level, it's not hard to understand a rest might be in order. Finger's-crossed though, it won't be for too long, for your skills are like no others and we all need that daily dose of mirth in this too often depressing world.

On behalf of that great many - thank you, thank you, thank you, and all the best for the festive season and the New Year!

In respect to the latter, one hopes you'll be on that honours list - for few could deny you're so deserving of, and overdue for, it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work you have done. Good luck for your future.

John said...

Yay you are well! Hope we can all view some more classics again. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I loved the cartoons! I followed them in Bob Jones' blog. Actually clever and funny - very different to the humourless utterly biased rubbish published now in Stuff.

Rob Beechey said...

Garrick, you were so in tune with your adoring public. Clever and satirical. No wonder you were despised by the trashy left leaning MSM.

Frank Newman said...

Garrick is NZ's best cartoonist. Please continue the great work.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou - your cartoons were the a welcome light relief also so clever over the past three years especially. All the best with whatever comes your way