Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Robert MacCulloch: How the MainStream Media (this time, the NZ Herald) Manipulated You Today

This morning the Herald ran a leading front page headline on its website, with the title "Double Standards: Taxpayer Funds Luxon's Maori Classes". There's no Christmas Cheer & Goodwill to All from the MainStream Media; no honeymoon for the new government. No, it's just meanness and negativity. The story was a take-down of Luxon for, can you believe it, making his best attempts to learn te reo Maori !? It accused him of hypocrisy by enrolling in the classes whilst trying to diminish the language and questioned his integrity because his courses were tax-payer funded.

Now here's how you were manipulated and the Herald's Editor is welcome to dispute my version of events. After the story appeared, it shortly opened up for readers' comments. Mine was as follows:

"Yet another example of the NZ Herald and Mainstream Media (MSM) bashing the new government. Why can't it respect the election result & democratic will of the people?"

Meanwhile as I was writing my comment, six other people's comments were posted, all hostile to the Herald. All, like me, were appalled at its attempt to discredit Luxon before he has a chance to prove himself. My comment was never posted. Meanwhile a few minutes after mine was sent, the other readers' comments were removed. The article mysteriously reappeared on the Herald website having been washed. There was no option to send comments anymore and all trace of the previous comments defending Luxon were gone.

Gosh, seems Granny Herald didn't want the country to know that the silent majority who had voted for National, ACT and NZ First were appalled by the job the journalists were doing on Luxon today - the paper did not want a torrent of hundreds of comments come flooding though revealing to the nation how out of step the MainStreamMedia actually is with the mood of the country.

Come on, NZ Herald Editor, deny my story is true. I witnessed it with my own eyes. The Herald article is below, without any comments allowed, of course, and no trace of the ones that originally appeared.


Professor Robert MacCulloch holds the Matthew S. Abel Chair of Macroeconomics at Auckland University. He has previously worked at the Reserve Bank, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics. He runs the blog Down to Earth Kiwi from where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Minister Lee must take immediate steps to sanction the MSM - which was bought by the previous government. A Letter of Expectations would be the minimum.

Major damage is being done to the Coalition and its sterling efforts to correct the mess inherited from Labour.

Anonymous said...

I was furious seeing the headline at the dairy this morning. I don't buy the hearld but would have if they were covering an important issue. Just shows how depraved MSM have become. I am so with you Robert. Peter

Robert Arthur said...

I get /got the early edition printed Herald. The approach to Luxon disgraceful. On Monday they published a similar Letter to Editor. I suspect they often pen such trite fillers themselves to promote the and their pro maori line and/or to fill the column. I was tempted to offer half a dozen explanations for Luxon's action but as would never be printed an even greater waste of time than learning the obsolete, largely now contrived, stone age language. The pro maori media should be encouraging that with time so valuable to himself and the country, Luxon should fritter a lot of it on a hobby language.
Also on Monday a trite simplistic Editorial about the variants of the Treaty and the interpretations/ reinterpretations.
By blocking the other side of topics the Herald simply drives readers to other sources and sites which are objective. The Platform seems to be the rising star.

Eamon Sloan said...

I am coming from a totally different angle on the language issue, and maybe even further out than the proverbial left field. The language that should be taught much more intensively is the English language. Some of our politicians and Maori elites need remedial English lessons!

Luxon is wasting his time in trying to promote himself and National by learning the Maori language. He and his party are part of a coalition that was voted into power to pursue a change agenda. There has been no case proven anywhere that the Maori language is fit for any modern day purpose.

Again on Luxon – he is there as part of a coalition and he cannot treat governance and himself as some sort of marketable product.

Kevn said...

Thank you Robert for this latest contribution. Your offerings are very good. Cheers.

Harry said...

Luxon deserves flak for having the taxpayer pay for his Te Reo lessons. He deserves more flak for indulging in learning Te Reo - nothing but a virtue signaling exercise.

Anonymous said...

Is the media waning another hand out, or just upset the gravy train is at an end?

Anonymous said...

luxon using tax payer funds to get a rebate for his (or his wife's) tesla and one-on-one coaching on maori very well supports the argument that this nonsense has to stop! i wish he knew how to twist the questions & shoot back at the 'journalists'...