Sunday, December 24, 2023

Breaking Views Update: Week of 24.12.23

Sunday December 24, 2023 

'Fanaticism and barbarism': 'Offensive' Whanganui war memorial to be removed

The country's oldest war memorial will be removed from an historic Whanganui reserve following objections to an inscription condemning upriver Māori for "fanaticism and barbarism".

Whanganui River iwi representatives say the language on the 158-year-old Weeping Woman monument is offensive and a blight on the history of Whanganui.

Representatives also say the white marble statue supports "on-going racist stereotyping" and could cause intergenerational harm to tamariki and mokopuna of Whanganui River iwi....
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Robert Arthur said...

Re 23rd.The Wanganui memorial will have to be moved because it will otherwise be wrecked by maori. The stereotypes represented are very alive today. It is absurd to try and hide history. the settlers had far far more to fear than they do of today's maori gang decendants who inherit the complained of characteristics.

Anonymous said...

@Robert Arthur: remember that "War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength."

Anonymous said...

Fanaticism and barbarism': 'Offensive' Whanganui war memorial to be removed,

So what is going on here?

It’s Maori not liking their history, not having the dark side of their history on show, so they want it removed.

This is plan wrong. Maori need to learn to face their past and live with it. Facts are facts.

I am very offended by all the Maori totem poles appearing everywhere on motorways and right outside our parliament.

They remind me of all the Maori cannibalism, infanticide, and inter tribal warring that was typical of Maori pre-1840

They ought not to be there.

I want them removed. They are highly offensive to me.

Margaret said...

These Maori carvings also possibly invoke war spirits which I would need to exorcise myself from if I went near them.

Anonymous said...

And I am offended by the haka which has become so celebrated. And all the other gruesome Maori cultural details which seem to be accepted mindlessly.

Anonymous said...

Incase anyone missed it.
"From the mountain to the sea" A disgusting reverence to the conflict in the middle east. These MSM journos have sunk to an even lower place.