Saturday, December 30, 2023

Clive Bibby: Get over it - we won, you lost!

I suspect Sir Michael Cullen (knight of the realm, and faithful servant to this country’s democratic process over many years and author of that quotation), would not have foreseen the dramatic collapse of a government so hell bent on destroying the proud record of its Labour predecessors. 

While never having voted for Labour in my lifetime, l have always been happy to recognise common sense and merit in arguments offered by those of a different political persuasion. 

Michael Cullen’s retort in response to some Tory complainer after another election victory by Helen Clark’s Labour Government is such a pearl of wisdom and would have been just as apt had it been delivered by Winston Peters following the October 2023 election. 

Actually, given the daily wailings spewed out by senior left wing politicians and their coalition of supporters in MSM, Academia and Radical Activist Maoridom, who are in total denial of the election result, the former Deputy PM and Finance Minister’s quote could never be more appropriate if used today. 

One only has to read the poisoned offerings masquerading as journalism from the likes of Tova O’Brien and those at the top of the media food chain to appreciate the naked hatred that gives these woke pretenders a reason for living. 

They are overwhelmed by the reality of the voters’ choice who, having found out the betrayal of trust given to the Ardern government only three years previously, reacted in such unequivocal manner to dethrone the “Empress with no clothes”and the few hapless colleagues left to take the punishment after her cowardly exit. 

No better example of provincial editors who had traditionally been the last bastions of print media rational comment, but in recent years joined the dark side of woke MSM journalism, is available in my own Gisborne Herald, which has been, ever since it’s establishment in the 1880s, a quality newspaper, second to none. 

Yesterday’s editorial included the following final paragraph in reference to the wholesale defeat (annihilation) of the Labour Government and its incoming replacement - the National, Act, NZ First coalition. 

“Whiplash from this year of change will cause more headaches in 2024 and possibly for years to come.” 

I know the editor quite well and have no doubt that, as a very intelligent man, he is having difficulty accepting the election outcome and is like so many of his MSM colleagues, in denial. 

It is anybody’s guess as to when he and others with responsibility for reporting the political scene in this country and throughout the world over the next three years will find it within themselves to get over it and return to overseeing the environment with a new sheriff in town. 

It is important that they do so as quickly as possible because the democratic process depends on them operating as impartial observers in order for us to survive as a sovereign nation. 

Let’s hope that the bulk of New Zealand’s who voted for change will support the new Government as it tries to implement its policies and deliver on promises made during the campaign. 

It would be preferable if we all worked together but, given that the voters have spoken in such an emphatic way, we will do it with or without the naysayers. 

They need to get over it. We won, they lost! 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Ross said...

What I do not understand about their reaction and non acceptance of the result, Clive, is that their own polls were predicting the results for months in advance of the election.

Don't the believe what they publish either ? ///

Anonymous said...

Clive, since the "arrival of Jacinda Ardern", to the helm of the Labour Party - 2016, then onto a position of leadership (note lower case L) - I am sure you and many other likeminded New Zealanders' [note name of the People], will have noticed the change in this Country's both in media and with protesting, which for me became another -"let us follow America in what was happening there" - the best example would be BLM / and how the radical Maori "clasped that mantra and starting using the same tactics here in NZ(Hamilton was the first City) & involved a statue, just like the one that currently resides in Whanganui, which for both have an anti racism theme.

In America, it was Civil War statues.

And I also wonder if our radical Maori have studied ANTIFA, that surfaced in the West Coast States of Oregon & Washington (2006 ?), and still prevail today.

For those pondering the above comment, can I recommend the book - Unmasked, by Andy Ngo, who reported on ANTIFA activities, posting his videos to You Tube; a Gay Man, who suffered at the "hands of ANTIFA thugs", a serious assault, that hospitalized him with serious trauma injuries and once recovered, later had to leave the US for safety reasons.

His book, will tell you on what he saw, and how ANTIFA worked.

Also our NZ MSM, from 2016 seemed to embrace what the America public was being "prevailed upon, by their Left Wing MSM" particularly over the "insurrection", which is now being debunked - New Zealander's keep in mind a Police Officer within the Capitol Building shot "a protestor" and has never been charged - even when it has "been proven", that it was an action, with out rational and/or reason.

And yes Clive I agree with you, our media is "in a tail spin", and will not help those of our Population who still turn to both TV Channels for the 6.00 p.m. news or buy up either NZ Herald or Stuff publications and "believe what is said and or printed".

I am sure you have seen this with a recent posting of yours, to this Domain and the 'argument put forward (several times) by a person who resides in Auckland'! I wonder where he got his info??

Tom Logan said...

The country is more divided now than most of us ever have imagined would be possible. So many fault lines of division are wide open. Fault lines of race , wealth , politics, gender , young versus old, home owners versus renters for life, the list goes on ad infinitum.

Many have gotten weary of the language of division from the likes of Willie Jackson, John Tamihere, Grant Robertson ,Rawiri Waititi, Marama Davidson. Likewise that list goes on ad infinitum.

Perhaps those of us from the right of the poltical spectrum could be more beholden to the principles of our democracy that won us the election and
be more magnanimous and conciliatory in our words and speech.

We could use language that heals the divisions and unites us on the journey needed.

The reparations demanded after the First World War were far less effective than the Marshall Plan.

Yeah, nah . Get over it , we won you lost, just doesn't seem to do it.

Does it ?

Ewan McGregor said...

Well said Tom Logan. Time to put the 6th Labour Government behind us, and move ne. You're right; 'we won, you lost' is just the attitude we don't need.

Clive Bibby said...

Well it does if you’re dealing with people like the ones you have on cyour list. It is the only language they understand. But the key to reconciliation across racial borders is to understand what the average people of different ethnic heritage thinks about how we can work together. In my own neck of the woods most decent people recognise the key to achieving results that benefit us all is a commitment to community programmes dependant on mutual trust for their survival. Money is not the important ingredient to ensuring our survival - trust is!
It is when our leaders contemptuously betray that trust, that things really begin to fall apart.
So, the election result represented a collapse of that trust and it will be a long time before the nation will dare to put their future at risk by supporting the Left leaning chameleons again.
Once bitten, twice shy.

Tom Logan said...

Trust might be best engendered by the use of the language and deeds of support, understanding ,respect and inclusion rather than language that emphasises and perpetuates differences .
The trust of the ones "like you have on your list" to quote you Mr Bibby might be best gained by you first tearing up your list.