Monday, December 18, 2023

JC: Maori Have Still to Wake Up

Maori activists need to wake up to what it is that will lift their people off the bottom of the statistics in health, education, welfare and prosperity. It is simply this: a vibrant economy, and after six years of a Labour Government, we have anything but that. Christopher Luxon knows it, David Seymour knows it and Winston Peters knows it. That is why we now have a new coalition Government in place. On this fact all three were united. The country has to be put back on track and in order to do so has to be taken back from the woke ideology of the Labour Party.

Not only did the three party leaders know it but the majority of the voters did too and voted accordingly. We now have a government in place which will get things done – for all Kiwis, including Maori. This approach is apparently not going to work for Maori, according to a bunch of their hierarchy who have had it very good until now. They don’t want their prosperity messed with.

You see, they don’t derive their prosperity from a vibrant economy. Their wealth comes from other sources, like wasteful government spending and the gravy train that runs between the Treaty of Waitangi and the Waitangi Tribunal. This apparatus runs to a frequent timetable and is more likely to be carrying money than people. No government should dare derail this cosy little arrangement. But we now have one that, to the horror of these hierarchical figures in Maoridom, is threatening to do just that. ‘The Little Engine that Could’ is at risk of being derailed.

The country is now being threatened with a lot of huffing and puffing from these people and a quantity of steam is being let off. We mustn’t forget they got here first and we must all be subservient to them in the same way they are now trying to deny they were to Queen Victoria. Their political wing made a laughing stock of themselves at the opening of parliament and appear willing to continue to do so.

This all adds up to the point I have made previously: these people are patently not interested in the welfare of their race. If they were they would be employing strategies different to the tiresome, futile wandering the streets with placards. While Tova O’Brien, Jessica Mutch McKay and Jenna Lynch will probably be there to give us exaggerated numbers on the turnout, the majority of Maori will not notice any difference.

I find it somewhat ironic that while Labour was in power and statistics for Maori were falling like a house of cards, we heard not one peep from these jokers. They appeared quite happy to see Maori, after six years of a do-nothing government, worse off than before. Now we have a government that has the ability to turn things around and make a difference and they don’t like it. They don’t like it simply because it’s a right-wing government. They are not interested in the fact their people might be better off. That’s not what this is about.

This to them is about the absolute destruction of the use of their language, the fact that government departments will now primarily be known by their English names and that Maori will cease to be treated as a superior race whereby they get everything first. These are apparently major planks which apparently enable Maori to succeed. Quite how has never been explained. What is explained is this sort of rubbish is more important to their egos than the wellbeing of their people.

A prime example is the disestablishment of the centralisation of Maori health through the Maori Health Authority. This has the left throwing a tantrum. Is there a strategy to replace it? Yes there is. It’s handing matters of Maori health back to local iwi and hapu who will determine the best outcomes for their people. Eminently sensible. Centralisation has never worked in any area. Any reaction from the Maori Party? We don’t know because they haven’t commented on it. Silence is golden.

If they were genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their people they would recognise that we now have a new democratically elected government and the best way to achieve for their constituents is open dialogue. Pounding the pavement with little signs, waving them and hoping the odd person might toot in support is not only tedious but a complete waste of time. Achievement will come from the government putting in place economic policies that will assist those Maori at the bottom of the pile.

History shows Maori have done better under right-wing governments, although you will never get the activists to recognise it. They’re probably unaware because that is not their priority. Of the complaints coming from Maori, it’s 99.99 per cent about their ‘mana’. It’s all they seem to care about. There’s the odd comment about hardship and struggling to put food on the table but absolutely nothing to do with family violence that is so prevalent in their society. It’s like it doesn’t exist.

But supposedly trampling on their language, preventing it from being spoken (which isn’t happening) and having it second on the title of a useless government department: that is horrific. As Shane Jones pointed out, giving a department that is supposed to be looking after the interests of children a Maori name is demeaning the language. The Ministry for Children has been a failure but it now has some hope after the appointment of Karen Chhour as the new minister.

The questions the Maori Party is asking the current government are being asked because under the last government Maori have ended up worse off. But the Maori Party MPs are blind to the fact. They appear to harbour the quaint thought, as do most on the left, that the economy has nothing to do with people’s ability to prosper. They don’t appear capable of grasping the fact that without high productivity everyone, not just Maori, suffers. Borrow and hope is not the answer.

The young lady in the Maori Party, Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke gave her maiden speech with accompanying theatrics but, like her colleagues, she’s completely got the wrong end of the stick. She says this government, which has only been in power for two weeks, has destroyed every part of her life. While cutting her some slack for her youth, that comment is patently ridiculous. It’s the last government that is responsible for her ills. If her mana has been torn to shreds then the blame clearly belongs to those colleagues on her side of the House.

Here’s a little advice for Hana: mana does not put food on the table; a strong economy does. Mana does not stop family violence; family violence demeans your mana and it’s time to own it and address it. It’s not helping your people to continue to look inwards and become self obsessed with your mana. There are other larger concerns your people have which need your input. The government can’t be relied upon to solve all your people’s problems. You and your party need to step up.

This government first and foremost is fixated on improving things for all Kiwis, including Maori, by getting the country on a path to prosperity. It would be helpful if those representatives of Maori in Parliament jumped aboard this waka rather than simply ideologically opposing every policy that the government puts up. It appears the realisation – that Maori are where they are due to the inaction of the previous government – has yet to hit them.

JC is a right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. This article was first published HERE


EP said...

In some ways I think the most victimised by the last deplorable government have been Maori. I'm not someone who counts here - a South Islander of Scottish descent, who just thought Maori were people like the rest of us. Now I avoid the very word, I notice more how badly their children are treated, how the gangs are involved in the appalling meth trade, how ridiculously their language is being bastardised by the woke. I notice how appallingly ignorant the Maori who comment publicly are about their own history - they have NO idea! I have NO respect for the tribal elites who have profited under the Waitangi Tribunal and allow their own people to languish in unemployment and crime. How dare they? The only way is up.

Anonymous said...

JC, Your byline says you are a right wing crusader. You seem more like a common sense crusader to me and that is refreshing. The government and country must indeed focus on economic prosperity, education and health to improve the lot of all New Zealanders. Some have an extremely disadvantaged start but at some point personal responsibility has to kick in and the outcome can no longer be some else's fault. John R

Anonymous said...

Frankly this bleating by so called Maori comes across as a bunch of grafters - incompetents who are unable to stand on their own two feet and look after themselves and theirs. Items on health, education and child abuse ( for example) would appear to confirm it.

Cut them loose I say - give them the territory of Pauline T where a hui says they never ceded sovereignty- and let those that want to go there do so.

The rest of us making up the rich and diverse population of New Zealand, can enjoy the spectacle as they sink into stone age gloom, while the rest of us get on with life. In due course they will either desperately cede sovereignty in return for being part of NZ with rights and privileges of all New Zealanders, or we can assume sovereignty over vacant land because they have killed each other off through violence and desperate life style.

Note- I doubt McDonalds would open a store in a Stone Age economy so starvation or cannibalism seems imminent.

Allan said...

Maori leaders know that they only get noticed by anyone when they are being controversial or even outlandish. The only topic they have to complain about is the plight of "their people", take that away any they have nothing to grandstand about, no chance of fame. So, they have no interest in seeing the lives of Maori improve,they would be out of work and they might have to find a real job.

Anonymous said...

Don’t worry - they have fed their line to the ABC newsfeed in Australia and as usual it is the number of Maori seats that is seen as the winner of the election and therefore the authority for NZ. The vote of the majority is whitewashed out of existence. So Australia is told by the ABC.