Friday, December 29, 2023

Sir Ray Avery: ‘We are a great little country that “CAN” ‘

Sir Ray Avery writes:

Lloyd Burr opinion: Christopher Luxon's ferry snub shows he's all talk on infrastructure In line with my New Year's resolution to call out Journalists who publish inflammatory and negative clickbait stories lets put Lloyd Burr on the list. 

The Government has canned a three-billion-dollar blowout for a new interisland ferry service and Lloyd Burr is claiming that Luxon is “all talk” with respect to investment in infrastructure.

Three billion dollars will go a long way to fixing up essential infrastructure like our potable water supplies and our munted healthcare system. 

Lloyd this is a personal attack on Luxon’s moral compass so let’s turn the mirror around. In my opinion you are an idiot masquerading as a journalist. 

This government is trying to live within its' means and you suggesting that Luxon is “all talk “ with respect to infrastructure is just pond scum reporting. 

Most of our city beaches are not swimmable due to sewage outflows and many of our Tamariki are drinking unsafe potable water so there are more pressing infrastructure issues facing our Whanau than a three-billion-dollar interisland ferry service that many people will not use along with the previous governments' planned cycleway across the Auckland harbour bridge. 

You guy’s got a $50 million dollar payout for public interest journalism so how does your opinion piece questioning the ethics of our current prime minister for canning a project which would deliver minimal return on investment helpful? 

Pond scum 

 By way of an apology to my fellow New Zealanders I am trying to bring back New Zealand from the brink of failure due to the negative reporting of our journalists. 

The persistent negativity of our journalist reporting is not a recipe for success. We are a great little country that “CAN” but we can’t allow the clickbait media steal our dreams. 

Sir Ray

Sir Raymond John Avery GNZM is a New Zealand pharmaceutical scientist, inventor, author and social entrepreneur. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Very well said Sir Raymond. We need more people like you in New Zealand and fewer like Lloyd Burr

Anonymous said...

All true - so why is the Coalition not taking rapid and draconian action to halt the damage done daily by the MSM?

Since the election, the latter have already become very arrogant as they continue to peddle their negative and pro-Left reporting which includes giving more face time to the Opposition than to the government.

This must stop! A strongly-worded warning to the MSM bosses in the form of a Letter of Expectations - such as that given to the Police Commissioner - would be a suitable opening shot to show the seriousness of the Coalition's intentions. The public would cheer!

Simon1 said...

Great article, Ray.

Rob Beechey said...

“an idiot masquerading as a journalist” could sum up most MSM journalists. Well said sir. .

Anonymous said...

What does tamariki mean?

Anonymous said...

While I am certain you had something worthwhile to say, you lost me with the infusion of maori into your piece.

There are plenty of channels to post maori copy. Try there before attempting woke indoctrination and dual-speak.

The only people you impress with the "maori wonderfulness" are the woke and we don't need woke.

LNF said...

The main cost blowout was due to the fact that the new ferries were to be 3 times the size of the existing ones.
Could this be justified. Doubt it.
Good sound business decision by Willis

mudbayripper said...

Thank you anonymous. The use of te reo is both offensive and unnecessary.
We're in two camps now.
Choose a side.

AprilGuy said...

No need for the Maori lingo. Spoils an otherwise good read.

Ken S said...

Isn't it a little harsh to compare LLoyd Burr to pond scum, after all, pond scum does have a useful function.

Ross said...

LNF ---the cost of the ferries only represented 21% of the proposed "project" cost.
But you are right about the size and I agree, a good decision by Willis.