Thursday, September 29, 2022

Denis Hall: The "Far" Right - or the "Rabid" Left?

You choose.

Right - as in okay! Is it okay to say ‘right’ now - or will they make that a swear word?

And I’m not going to hold back today.

As you read this - remember - that it wasn’t me who invoked Mussolini or the Fascists - it was the leftist New Zealand and Global News Media that did that - and I’m just responding.

Ask yourself! New Aotearoa’s Media! Are they crazy - or cunning and deceptive like the rats we think they are - jumping into the Government’s pocket to ensure their position of power inside the Government in our coming totalitarian future?

Is that what this is all about?

BUT - at last a chink in the armour! And I saw it in the last 24 hours - and lots of you would have too - in the usual - but slightly different media hysteria and ignorance - as it overstepped the mark.

They - yes - our Media - in what passes for New Zealand’s “News” this week - drew a line in the sands of that Media landscape that has been visible to some of us for quite a while now.

Yes - but some of us have been busily trying to tell everyone!

The “News” media - have finally declared themselves for the fantasists they actually are - by making an overt declaration that aligns them clearly with the globalist Rabid Left that is now at last under threat because voters are moving to the alternatives - and yesterday’s fallout from that also shows their contemptible and comprehensive ignorance of World History.

Mark my words - in the future - when people return to sanity - this Rabid Leftist Aotearoan Government - will either be seen as a one time out of control political aberration that we sensibly identified as what it was and dispensed with - or we will be living a totalitarian and entirely racist future ruled by the few on the basis of their race.

The future - like it or not people - is coming for you.

This is an every-person thing. The time to push back is actually upon us - NOW!

It cannot wait! This is not a thing for your neighbor to take care of - or some mythical political force in white Stetsons and six guns that will gallop to the rescue of all the poor little helpless and well-meaning New Zealanders hiding under their beds. It is up to YOU and your Neighbour to wake up and speak up and be heard.

Time to step out of the shadows of ineptitude New Zealanders - and at the very least declare yourselves as ‘patriotic’ New Zealanders - or everything you value will be stolen from you - starting with the symbolic renaming of your country.

Symbolic! Do you understand the meaning of ‘symbolic’ in that context?

This event if allowed to happen - will be a symbol of your future. It will not be just a convenient name change - but the declaration of the colour and texture of YOUR FUTURE - and the future of your children.

Pussyfoot around Kiwis - fail to speak up and speak out - and you will seal in place a nasty future for your children - because we have an activist and entirely disingenuous and dishonourable government - in full control of the Media - that has been paid off and is in their pocket - and but for David Seymour with a bit of gumption - and a weak soy milk style Opposition who are hiding under the bed trying to think of something to say.

Not a shred of backbone or common sense to be seen.

Luxon - What’s his first name again? Dilbert? At home somewhere - learning to speak te Reo in a leftist accent.

Good on you Chrissie boy. The saviour of self.

But at last - this week there was a sign - but maybe you didn’t see it.

Here! I will point it out for you.

They - that is - “Our” so called Media - that is in fact no longer “ours” - who from their position on high - firmly on the side of the Rabid Left - compared the potential incoming government in ITALY - (September 2022) - to be the most “Far Right” since Mussolini.




Do our idiotic and deceptive propaganda pushing Media actually know who and what Mussolini was? Do they know a single thing about the politics of that time in history - that pre-war time - or are they really that completely ignorant and deluded?

For the record - 1920s Italy - and Mussolini was an Italian Dictator - and his “Fascists” - were an army of street thugs who behaved just like an army - and all the ‘ordinary’ people went and hid under their beds in fear - just like we are doing in New Zealand - soon to be Aotearoa...…

Across Europe the Fascists armed themselves with guns and improvised explosives and clubs and deception and dishonesty – and waged street warfare with no rules - and the leading light of that dynamic at the time was the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) and the “International Brigade” infiltrated by Communists and Russians - that were fighting those Fascists in the interests of “freedom and justice” - when many supporters were without any actual knowledge of what an evil force those Communists actually were to become.

They fought General Franco’s Far Right Fascists in the streets of Spain - and in the countryside - and 200,000 people died in some of the worst atrocities ever seen - - - and General Franco won - because I think people began to realise that much of what was happening was Russian inspired.

Even the goodies were inadvertently supporting an equally evil future.

There is no way that compares to the situation today.

That same year - 1939 - the other great Far Right Fascist Adolph Hitler invaded Poland to start the Second World War. That is the actual History - and our idiot media are so ignorant of that - that they compare today’s political pushback against the Rabid Left in Italy and across Europe - with what was to quickly become the dreadful global cataclysm of WORLD WAR TWO?

Talk about unrealistic and dishonest rabid leftist propaganda.

Tell them to look up General Franco - Mussolini - and Adolph Hitler.

This should be a moment to help us understand what our media actually is.

It is without the shadow of a doubt - the instrument of the Rabid Left in New Zealand - and is instrumental in the push to recreate us as the Maori Republic of Aotearoa.

Yeah! What’s that if it's not subversive of New Zealand life?

Wait till you see what that will do to the European culture and property values in New Zealand.

Property values? - Ooohhh - that'll get your attention.

If we look and actually see what is being done to us by this full and unconcealed alliance of Leftist Government and Media - - we will see they have finally shown us that there are indeed two very distinct sides to the political equation in Aotearoa/New Zealand - and the difference will be so distinct as to bring about an official change of the name of our Nation to something entirely subversive.

The great globally recognized and respected “New Zealand” brand that sells so much of our stuff around the world - will be gone - in favour of a globally unknown name - that in the global perception will put us in the box of basket case countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Afghanistan.

Like it or not - at the moment - that is YOUR choice! Do nothing - and see what happens.

Yeah you - reading this! Either you stand up as a New Zealander - or bend as a compliant Aotearoan.

Rabid Left equals Aotearoa! Conservative - equals New Zealand. But we never have been nor ever will be the Far Right that they are trying to paint us!

Come on New Zealand. It is reduced to that choice - and it is a stark choice - and we must open our eyes and realize that “our” media is no longer ours - and no longer independent. It takes all its orders about style and content from Labour Party Headquarters – Frazer House – Willis Street - in Whellington. That is where all Government policy and Media policy is now made.

We used to call our political factions Liberal and Conservative - but the ‘liberal’ have visibly become Rabid Leftist - and the conservatives have become pussies hiding under the house from the possibility of a lifesaving catfight.

The almost obscured mark of this moment came this week - when “our” media began describing the ‘potential’ new government of Italy as being “Far Right” and the same as Mussolini’s 1920s Fascist Italy - and just as the “Far Right” are in the process of lurching on to the scene - our media loudly and hysterically - on TV One’s “Aotearoa news” demonstrating both their paranoia and their grasp of the widest possible distribution of propaganda - by compared today’s Italians to Mussolini’s Fascist Pre WW2 Government.

Have a look on line. Switzerland has the strongest “Far” Right party - and they have only 25% support.

There's no threat in that!

Then there’s Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders - and the Media have been talking about them as the ultimate evil for decades - and wouldn’t it be funny if……. Oh well.

These media people clearly have no respect for or concept of truth and accuracy and decency and integrity - as they openly push wall to wall propaganda through the Rabid Left Media outlets they have become - but this Far Right comparison and Mussolini comparison shows just how paranoid and devoid of reality they actually are.

The Mussolini far right fascists government of the 1920s was indeed far right and ahead of and openly allied to the rise of Hitler and his Nazis in Germany - and they were already burning Jewish shops and attacking and killing Jewish people in the streets - and back then it was more difficult for what passed as media to make that behaviour more visible - and that same media that might have been free and independent at the beginning of Mussolini’s reign - were (as in New Zealand) quickly taken over to become a tool of the Fascist State.

It was the same in Franco’s Spain that was in the throes of a civil war with Communists - and that famous fascist takeover of Italy and then Germany - that within a decade morphed into World War Two - when the rest of the world allied with each other (and the Communists) to fight back against the most powerful fascists in Germany and Japan.

Take over the Media? It is always the first move. Hitler and Mussolini and General Franco and of course Japan - all did that in the pre-war years - and more than a hundred million people died as a direct result.

Sorry - but I can’t help it that I know my history - and at times like this - you need to know it too.

So! Hey AOTEAROA’S rabid leftist media! Time to step up and recognize where you fit in the great scheme of modern world politics. As I look at New Zealand - the newly minted Aotearoa - it feels that the Rabid Left are taking a clear lead from Mussolini – and emulating the REAL Far Right - because the “Far Right” they talk about so much have not lived up to Mussolini’s expectations with anything like the fervour that the Rabid Left has.

So Media - you have loudly declared yourselves for the charlatans that you are by making this declaration - that this woman in Italy - is a far right extremist - in the mold of Mussolini - when you in New Zealand are in fact in support of a government that has taken over the News Media - and ignores the will of the people in pursuit of its radical and racist agenda.

And I see that Sweden in their reaction to radical leftist government also look like moving to the right - and of course we can all tell that this is in the offing for the next election in New Zealand - when our lost in the woods National opposition try to find where they are in the political spectrum - and try to figure out where they might stand in the future of New Aotearoa. Can we trust them to push back against the Rabid Left – or will they be too indecisive and gutless? My money is on the latter. At the moment it seems that David Seymour and Act are the only real opposition.

It looks like National will not so much win - as Labour will lose to anyone who wants to replace them.

Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary Kiwi need to step up and show the way - before the radical leftists destroy the democracy we have prized for so long.

They are still passing subversive laws every day - so it is time we found a way to disrupt that process - and use up the time left before the next election keeping them busy elsewhere.

As for Mussolini: He would be so gratified to see how far we have fallen. He would be thinking his time had come - and he could ride to victory in New Aotearoa - not on the back of the Far Right but on the back of the Rabid Left.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Hugh Jorgan said...

A piece of advice Denis: If you want people to take you seriously, with all due respect, stop the ranting and try to make an argument that is well reasoned, coherent and concise.

Anonymous said...

Yes Denis - there are still scholarly people in this country (as I have become used to calling it). They are not in the MSM, who are for the most part painfully uneducated, although even the ones you suspect know better must be constrained from saying so by their bosses. And there is no shortage of material - much research and many books - it's all there for the taking.

I too am deeply ashamed of our government - the people and the system. It shouldn't take a civil war to achieve a rational means of organising our affairs in this small society. I too see David Seymour as the only honest man in the political realm - what courage.

Doug Longmire said...

Well said Denis. A great call to arms !!
From the mainstream media (Comrade Ardern's mouthpiece) we constantly hear the condemnatory tone of voice when describing "white supremist", or "alt-right" or "Right wing extremist" points of view or opinions.
However, the same MSM seems to be blind,deaf and dumb to any mention "alt-Left" of "Brown supremist" or "Left wing extremist"
I wonder why ? Well, I guess that's the obedience that $55 million buys.

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if more people in NZ were interested in world history. I would certainly recommend Timothy Snyder’s book On Tyranny - Twenty lessons from the Twentieth Century. The book is slightly over a hundred pages in length and outline many important lesson. You hit on lesson squarely on the head — do not a accept, protest, have a voice, refuse to follow …. You are most definitely right. The choice is ours and by remaining silent we are accepting the consequences of the decisions made for us by this government that is out of touch with reality.