Friday, September 23, 2022

Denis Hall: Were we watching European Civilisation and Culture at its zenith?

What was it really - the Queen's funeral? what did it actually represent to the world at large?

Well I know what it represented to me - as a royalist. I was so proud

Our Queen Elizabeth was the unchallenged Queen of the World - and from her realm and its thousand year heritage and culture - came the modern civilisation we all across the world enjoy to some extent at least every day of our lives.

I have always known that the Great Global Modern Civilisation had it's roots in Europe - and in England - and that includes aspects like Governance - Science - Technology - Art - and all modern transport and lifestyle.

Tell me one thing of significance that didn't originate in the society that began its journey into the modern age from Europe.

We are not allowed to say it - but I can - because I am too old and infirm to be punished for telling the truth.


The Queens Funeral was an unvoidable message from the geographical center of the Greatest Global Civilization in world history - perhaps?

The Archbishop of Canterbury said: – > “Those who serve will be loved and remembered - when those who cling to power and privileges are long forgotten.”

Queen Elizabeth - who represents all that is fine in the culture that I belong to and feel a part of - will indeed be remembered for millennia in the long version of actual history - as one of the great leaders of all time in one of the great times in human history - post Second World War until today - and she achieved that by being respectful - and entirely approachable and human. Sure - she had the tradition and heritage upon which that could be created - but it was what she did with it that will hold her place in the long and celebrated version of Human History.

In a thousand years she will still be remembered as an example of a restrained master of global leadership.

So I have to ask myself: What was it that we all actually saw yesterday - in the Queen’s funeral?

I know what I saw – and I am feeling the need to talk about that here.

……… As I write - It’s 20 September 2022 - and last night I watched Queen Elizabeth the Second’s funeral on the global TV. The entire human race was connected by a single event celebrating the life of a single exceptional individual - and with her the generations of Tradition - the Heritage - the Culture and the Civilisation that emanated from that European society.

There was no escaping the astonishing gravitas of that - and the connections it made in every corner of the globe.

Will thinking people everywhere be asking themselves why - and what was it that we actually saw - or will most of them just wake up today and wonder what’s for breakfast?

This extraordinary global event will be interpreted in many different ways by commentators around the world - because in Her world - Queen Elizabeth’s world - we actually have the freedom to do that. Churlish commentators are free to hate what she represented – and say so in a public way - and I can sing the praises of the Queen - and the Culture and Civilisation all that represents.

That should help some of the Media recognise the futility of what they try to do when they supplant news with propaganda and social engineering - as they have in New Zealand.

......... Yeah - I don't care if you don't read it all - the important thing here is that someone says it - because truth is a reality we all live with.

What I saw on my TV Last night was something that needs a number of new words coined to describe it - and because I am a thinker - and prepared to give voice to my thoughts - I have to see it in the context of Culture and the Civilisation at large.

As a result - when I woke this morning - my eyes snapped open with what I see as an obvious thought - that I will try very carefully to convey here - in the full knowledge that a significant number of people will see what I am about to say in a negative light - even as they gag as they realise and know - that my thoughts on this are entirely correct.

I knew I was looking at an overt exhibition of the epitome and the pinnacle of the European cultural contribution to the Great Global Civilization.

They are the biological heartland of it.


The Queen’s Funeral was an unprecedented event that I believe could not have been organized and mounted with such pageantry and precision - or taken as seriously - by or in any other culture on the planet.

As a sidebar to what I watched and am reacting to - was this:

The only mistake that I saw throughout 10 hours of viewing - was a doddery old bishop dropping his notes on the floor a few feet from her coffin. The camera lingered as long as it dared - and must eventually have looked away - and someone must have picked it up because in later shots it was gone.

But not today - because we have this very familia and super churlish News Media. Without mentioning that little mishap - it is featured in the delayed BBC’s coverage of this event today.

Of course it was.

Why is that important? Well it’s not of course - but the fact that it is prominent in the delayed coverage of the event today - speaks of the Leftist Media’s attitude to the Royals - and all things decent - and the European Culture in general. They hate and despise the reality that it is by a country mile the leading culture on the planet – and they will hate the fact that I have the temerity to mention that.

TV is a visual media - and these people rely on that for their jobs - so regardless of their feelings about what the Funeral itself represented - they had no choice but to run this as a major and unlikely to be repeated Global Event - and these creepy news people had no choice but to celebrate its stature in that context - but I note in the delayed coverage by the leftist BBC - they feature this little snafu prominently without actually mentioning it.

It could just as easily been cut - and the voice over could have been run over something else – but there it was - the tiny imperfection that these charlatans were delighted to find - and they clearly took the decision to feature it.


But that is what many of us expect of the substandard people who work in and control global media.

But – and it’s a big ‘but’ - that they may not have even been aware of. As I see this - they inadvertently did display something that I would have thought they would rather try to conceal - but they couldn’t - because they are unable to turn away from this history making spectacle - even as they highlight this little mistake in their delayed coverage.

They can’t help themselves.

The thing they did show but never mentioned in words - was that the entire global society at large - the civilization itself - owes its existence - to that British society that produced Queen Elizabeth the Second.

……. And right there - locked into my brain - was something most of us will be afraid to say about this phenomenal event.

Phenomenal it was - and the memory of all that astounding and astonishing display of cultural competency is now emblazoned in my brain - -. I realized again - that what I had been watching - and in my small way participating in - was a global celebration of the Greatest Civilization in human history - the one that all others - like it or not - take their lead from.

Without a doubt – the North American – and Australasian European civilizations emanated out of Britain – and that will be difficult for many to accept – but as we watch this amazing event – we can see that is the very clear reality.

There is not another culture on the planet that does not proudly display aspects of the Great Global European Culture - even if it is only flash cars - cellphones and the ubiquitous suit and flash frock.

Where was the genesis of all that? - BRITAIN - ENGLAND.

Hold that thought.

This amazing event was being staged by the only culture on the planet that could pull it off and not appear crass – the only culture that could pull all that together with such precision - and they are the reason it all worked - was because it was real - and genuine - and not copied. Nothing was fake - and in fact they should accept their place as the beating heart of that global civilisation - and Queen Elizabeth The Second - was without a doubt a symbol of that.

Because of the amazing status of the Queen as an individual - and the way she held herself throughout her long reign - people will tread lightly around that legacy - because they will know that saying the wrong thing could alienate a huge number of people.

If you disagree – then tell me - where else has there ever been another such gathering of world leaders EVER - to pay homage to a single individual who actually has no power other than force of personality and heritage – that was in essence ceremonial – but can still command such attendance from the power brokers of the civilized and less civilized world.

Remember that Archbishop of Canterbury’s comment: “Those who serve will be remembered when those who cling to power and privilege will be long forgotten.”

This could be the wrong place to say what I have said above - - but perhaps at the same time it is the only place it could be said.

There is no other cultural or racial group on the planet that could do this without making it look like a theatrical farce - and therefore a cheap imitation of European culture and civilization.

It was a graphic example of the order and organization that European Culture and Civilization has brought to the entire world - and it can only ever be imitated and aspired to by others. The heritage and tradition inherent in it - coupled with the precision and organization was more than fantastic. My heart swelled to see those massed Pipers slow marching towards the camera. I felt the roots of my cultural heritage surging through me and making me physically feel almost weak with pride.

The only thing there that I was ashamed of - was our Prime Minister - showing all her hypocrisy - because she wants to separate us from all that - and if we let her she will succeed.

As much as the pride I felt was immense - I am actually disconnected from this by time and distance – and by a government who wants to separate me and my countrymen from it in favour of what was before we arrived here with this British culture.

Think about what that means. Is that a culture we could be as proud of as we can of our European heritage and tradition - and civilisation?

That to me is a travesty beyond belief; to try to separate me and my countrymen from all that heritage and tradition - and push me into as cultural dead end street of war dances and the celebration of what is a basic cultural lie.

......... Has there ever been another such gathering of world leaders EVER IN WORLD HISTORY - to pay homage to an individual that actually has no power other than ceremonial – but can still command such admiration?

“Those who serve will be remembered when those who cling to power and privilege will be long forgotten.”

All the third world cultures can never offer but a faint shadow of that - but if they wish each and every one has been invited to be a participant in it.

And THAT – is the depth of this great civilization that we all belong to - and live in and if we choose – participate in.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Robert Arthur said...

One problem with all the pageantry ritual is that it is used to justify maori in perpetrating theirs. The fact that one is based on hundreds of years of Christianity,tradition and relative civilisation and the other a very recent compilation adapted from vestiges of primitive stone age practice does not deter it now being forced on all. I am astonished that at least one cannibal war dance haka was not somehow inserted in the UK ceremony.

boudicca said...

Maori did do a haka at Prince Philip's funeral procession you may recall. Apart from the British, perhaps only the Germans or French could do this sort of huge ritual event - back in the day, not today. The British royal family being part German and part Scottish, it all really came together. Mendelssohn's funeral March couldn't get more Germanic

Originz said...

Bravo, Denis. I get your sentiments completely, and agree.