Thursday, September 29, 2022

David Seymour: Racial Discrimination By Te Pāti Māori Must Stop

Te Pati Maori has been engaging in racial discrimination on its website with claims of genetic superiority, but when notified, New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon refused to publicly stand up to it.

Te Pati Maori’s sports policy on its website makes the following claim:

“It is a known fact that Maori genetic makeup is stronger than others.”

The notion that some racial groups are superior or inferior has been discredited, used to justify racial discrimination and, when taken to its extreme, resulted in some of history’s worst crimes. It is deeply concerning that a sitting New Zealand political party is promoting such a divisive idea.

ACT notified the commissioner of this on 9 September 2022, five days later he replied saying he had notified Te Pati Maori of his concerns, but would not make a public statement as he prefers direct conversation with the parties involved and tends to only make public statements in a reactive fashion.

Two weeks later Te Pati Maori is still promoting the idea that one race is genetically superior to others on their website. They have clearly ignored Meng Foon’s concerns.

The commissioner was quick to label NZ Police as racist over his concerns with Police Ten 7, and he had no issues laying into Simon Henry over his remarks about Nadia Lim, he also had a go at Amy Adams for getting a colleague’s ethnicity wrong by mistake. Why is he so reluctant to criticise Te Pati Maori?

ACT agrees with the goal of the Office of the Race Relations Commissioner to encourage harmonious race relations. However, to do this the commissioner needs to be willing to stand up to all examples of racial discrimination, not just pick and choose issues depending on his ideology.

He should use his position to strongly and publicly denounce Te Pati Maori’s position. Promoting the idea that one race is genetically superior has the potential to coarsen the tone of race relations in this country.

If the commissioner is incapable of doing this that just shows what little value he is adding, and that he is perhaps even taking race relations a step backwards.

David Seymour is a New Zealand politician serving as the Member of Parliament for Epsom and Leader of ACT New Zealand since 2014.


Anonymous said...

This anti white rhetoric such as " seeing the world through a vanilla lens that kelvin the deputy pm was sayng, reminds me of hitler back in the ww2 era. It is very damaging to say the least. If the radicals in parliament really do want nz to turn into a 3rd world pacific island, without english people or english laws, then organise with the crown for us to get our british passports back. No one wants to live in this country by choice, thanks to the activists currently running the show

Anonymous said...

Maybe the next edition of "Bullshit Jobs" could an have entire chapter devoted to Meng Fool?

Charles said...

Meng Foon is just a virtue signaling installation by the labour junta presently inflicting NZ and has zero credibility or useful function.

Ray S said...

Not at all surprised given the commissioners ethnicity.

EP said...

No surprises there David. We all know racism only goes in one direction in Aotearoa. The current Race Relations Conciliator is a joke - as is Te Pati Maori in my opinion. I don't expect much in the way of intelligent commentary from either of them.
Thank you for having the courage to point it out - we don't expect it to be noticed by many as it's just BAU.

Mudbayripper said...

The irony is David, the office of the race relations commision, and indeed the commissioner himself are deeply racist to begin with.
But of course all our public institutions follow the same ideology.
The simple idea of one people has well and truly been lost.
A divided state can only fail.

ross meurant said...

Your balanced article is prudent.


Increasingly "the Rest" of New Zealand (i.e. about 90% who don't subscribe to the theft of our assets and rights predicated on ethnicity are looking to you to not only stop this travesty, but repeal legislation which has delivered superior rights to Maori.

Dont let us down.


Doug Longmire said...

Well said David, keep up your good work.
You have my vote next year !!!
Meng Foon has a track record of being very selective over which type of "racial" comment or perceived slur that he comments on.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Foon's response on 'The Platform' clearly gives the impression he is/was reluctant to call this out and is biased. His past actions also suggest he's less than impartial. Quite frankly, he's not doing his job and he should be called to account.

Anonymous said...

Hi David, if Maori are so gifted in the Genetic make up why are their health outcomes so bad and why are we spending billions of $ for a seperate Maori health system?
Sounds like BS to me.

Robert Arthur said...

The maori gene must be strong if 1/64 or so, the fraction which must apply to some, especially in the South Island, is all that is needed to qualify for recognition as "maori". Many of the traits observed by Cook, Banks, Polak, Logan Campbell. EJ Wakefield , Maning a et al are only too apparent today so the gene must be very strong and persistent.
(If I had the time would give examples. Who pays the air fare for an audience with Meng? As with maori consultation can the time be charged for?)

Arbuthnot said...

That time Whinston mentioned the brown colonialist's 'warrior gene'.