Friday, September 30, 2022

Derek Mackie: It's only racism if you're white

Good evening. I’m Hugh Jego and welcome to Now You’re Really Taking the Piss. 

 This is the part of our show where we aim to shine a stadium of floodlights on MPs who exhibit classic symptoms of stupidity and hypocrisy. Spoilt for choice, I hear you say. 
But tonight’s example is not only ridiculous in its assertion, it is also deeply troubling that one of our elected parliamentarians should openly espouse this view, while at the same time claiming to be a stalwart in defending against it. 

 I’m talking Racism, people. 
The real thing is mercifully rare these days but that doesn’t stop the term being thrown around with abandon and often little or no justification. It’s typically deployed by people whose arguments are too weak and unsubstantiated to withstand debate, so they revert to a strategy of abusive name calling. 
It goes without saying that this only works if your opponent is white, otherwise it can back-fire badly on you. 

 One of our Maori Party MPs - so that’s narrowed things done to a number less than three - has taken things a step further though. I’m not going to refer to him by name because I don’t want to risk giving him any more publicity. I also want to spare him additional embarrassment should he see the error of his ways and decide to withdraw his dim-witted and ignorant remarks 

 Suffice to say that the person I’m referring to was actually elected by the public, unlike his list MP associate, and is distinguished by his distinctive Western headgear, which some of our older readers will remember fondly from the TV series, Dallas. 
Have you guessed who I mean? 
So, in keeping with the name of the programme’s main character, let’s call him RW. 

 This is what RW said:- 

 It is a known fact that Maori genetic makeup is stronger than others. 

 I’m sure we’re all stunned to learn this “known fact” of eugenics. 
Especially in light of the established known fact that Maori fare so badly in pretty much all aspects of life compared to every other ethnicity, other than their close cousins, Pacifica. 
By the way, Pacifica has not asserted a similar claim and I’m sure in no way wants to be associated with the above statement. And RW doesn’t include them with his own Ubermensch, so he clearly believes this applies only to Maori. 

 RW fails to cite any research to substantiate his astounding claim and I can’t find anything online to support it either. 
I suppose it’s enough for him to know he’s right, in his own mind, which is protected from all sense and reason by his stetson. Darn tootin it is! 

 Now, giving RW’s claim the benefit of the doubt, purely for the comedy value, I decided to look for observational evidence to back it up. 
The first thing that struck me was that Maori are entirely interbred these days, with many having less than 50% Maori ancestry. This must have considerably watered down the dominant “indigenous” genes. 
 Can you imagine how superior they must have been to all others before Europeans arrived? 

In fact, with superior numbers as well as genes, they should have made short-work of the weedy Brits and sent them on their way with a sandfly in their ear. Didn’t work out like that though. 
They were queuing up to sign The Treaty and cede sovereignty to the Crown, in return for some basic human rights that you didn’t have to raid, slaughter, eat and enslave your neighbour to qualify for. 
And a much better standard of living which their “stronger genetic makeup” had failed miserably to provide for them. 

 Since then, their life expectancy has improved enormously and they are over-represented in national politics and fairly represented at local level. Despite huge sums of money and large dollops of positive discrimination, particularly by our current Labour government, Maori still find themselves at the wrong end of pretty much every health, education, employment, crime and social statistic. 
RW would probably blame this on the inferior European gene pool. Yet Europeans…and Asians…and Indians are doing just fine. 
Well, I’ll be horn-swoggled! 

 So RW’s statement does not fit the known facts. That’s hardly a surprise because the Maori Party does specialise in outrageous nonsense and hypocrisy at the best of times. 
What’s really concerning to me is the reaction of our MSM and other political parties. They have not condemned this claim or reported it. 

 With the exception of ACT, who have spoken out strongly against this piece of offensive racist-supremacy garbage. 

 We can all imagine the shit-storm that would have blown up if a National or ACT MP had made this statement, or any white MP for that matter.
 Despite this, National has chosen to remain silent, which confirms all I already knew about the Party and their lack of backbone when it comes to calling out Maori representatives who clearly cross the racism line. 

 The MSM are true to form, showing their blatant bias in favour of all things Maori and the political Left. 
And our Human Rights Commissioner once again shows he’s unfit for the job when he refuses to speak out or take action on this issue. Meng Foon only sees white racism. He’s perfectly fine with the brown variety. 

 Sadly folks, while loudly decrying their type of racism, the bulk of the establishment, the media and academia are turning New Zealand into one of the most overtly racist countries in the world. 
 Where, if you’re Maori, you can make statements that wouldn’t look out of place in Mein Kampf. 

 Is this really the future we want for our kids? 
 I’m Hugh Jego. Goodnight! 

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.


Anonymous said...

Yep. All true. The people with Maori DNA who make the public utterances are certainly not demonstrating that their genetic superiority is manifested in their capacity for rational thought. RW is a joke -every time I see him with his hat on, I want to shout, "Gentlemen don't wear hats indoors!" - and then berate myself for fussing about such an unimportant matter. Who cares? But hey - go onto a marae and break some seemingly trivial point of tikanga and see how that goes down. Whew that is serious. I'm just glad this is getting out into the open - not the MSM maybe, but how long can they go on ignoring it all?

Anonymous said...

as an outsider, the logic of appointing a chinese to handle racial issues between maori and white always intrigues me...