Saturday, September 17, 2022

Breaking Views Update: Week of 11.9.22

Saturday September 17, 2022 

New bus announcements in Māori and English will make navigating Auckland easier

Auckland Transport (AT) has begun the rollout of audio announcements in Māori on buses, which include the name of the next stop and when to transfer to a different service – and are then repeated in English.

Te Reo announcements will join Te Reo Māori at train platforms, on trains, and at ferry terminals. In line with best practices elsewhere, Te Reo, being the indigenous language, will be in most cases played first before English.....
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Massey University lecturer told Māori students they 'don't look Māori'
Matenga (Te Arawa, Rongowhakaata, Ngāti Tuhourangi), who is the president of the association, said Galloway told the pair: “I hope this isn’t offensive, but you guys don’t look Māori at all”.

Matenga said the comment was “highly racist”. She felt it was an attempt to minimise her and Monk’s identities as tangata whenua.....
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'What is the name of this waka?'
The vessel carries the name Hukatai (meaning seafoam). A name gifted by Kura Moeahu of Te Ati Awa Iwi.

Hukatai is a canoe heading into the sunrise. The seafoam at the bow of the waka is created as it moves through the waters. It represents life’s experiences, learning and culture which compels us forward to new horizons.....
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Recipients of Hiwa-i-te-rangi Maori Health Leadership Scholarship announced
An aspiring nurse, nurse practitioner, clinical psychologist, and a St John’s ambulance medic, who all strive to make meaningful change and improve Maori health and well-being outcomes, are this year’s recipients of the Hiwa-i-te-rangi Maori Health Leadership Scholarship. Valued at a total of $20,000 the purpose of the scholarship, which is supported by leading home and community provider New Zealand Health Group (NZHG), is to enable more Maori to be in decision-making leadership roles within the health sector. Ranei Wineera-Parai, Group Executive Cultural Advisor for NZHG, says "We are truly humbled by the commitment each of these recipients is demonstrating to make a real difference in improving access and equity of healthcare for Maori in their communities.

"Forging stronger partnerships with iwi and Maori health leadership is essential if we want to ensure our health system delivers equitable outcomes and for everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand......
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New steps to boost nurse numbers
There are 46 new bursaries for Māori students, and 30 scholarships for Pacific students.

There’s also a project to reduce undergraduate nursing attrition rates, and support Māori and Pacific nursing students to complete their studies and thrive in the early years of their nursing careers.....
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Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei celebrating Auckland Anniversary on Sunday
Tangata whenua Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei are celebrating Auckland Anniversary this Sunday and says there should be a conversation about moving it from January.

"There is a date that we do have around the 29th of January which actually is erroneous in its own kind of nature, it was meant to be the 30th of January where [William] Hobson actually declared sovereignty in New Zealand.

"However, Ngāti Whātua we consider that there's probably a more appropriate date, September 18, and that was after an eighth month process which began around January where there was a discussion between Ngāti Whātua chiefs, and there the great prophesy occurred."

He said on September 18, 1840 a flag was raised in Te Rerenga Oraiti (Point Britomart) with Ngāti Whātua and government officials were in attendance......
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Ruakura Superhub: Stage one of golden triangle inland port development opens for business
The 92-hectare first stage of Tainui Group Holdings' (TGH) 490ha Ruakura Superhub in Hamilton's east opened for business on Thursday with the promise of a stronger economic future for the city and the wider Waikato region.

Robertson said the Ruakura Superhub is a superb example of the benefits to Aotearoa when iwi and the Crown work together.

"We are very proud of our Government's investment of $56.8 million in public infrastructure at Ruakura through the PGF and Infrastructure Reference Group (IRG) Programmes, together with Tainui Group Holdings and Hamilton City Council," he said.

The city council provided $5 million in funding for transport infrastructure and took the lead on the project to build public roads within the super-hub....
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Bryce Edwards: Labour’s fraught battle to retain the Māori vote

When the reo 'lights up' your students

How passive, avoidant NZ can become a republic 

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Friday September 16, 2022 

Indigenous Leaders To Speak On Constitutional Change 
Radical change is needed to address fundamental shortcomings in Aotearoa’s constitutional structure and to realise Māori rights and aspirations, says legal academic Dr Claire Charters (Ngāti Whakaue, Tūwharetoa, Ngāpuhi, Tainui).

However, two questions remain: What would a te Tiriti-based constitution look like, and how do we realise it?.....
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Air Ruatoria is challenging Air NZ to use more Māori
Maru says Air New Zealand represents Aotearoa as a country and it would be a fantastic opportunity for it to add more words and increase the fluency of Māori place names to recognise the significance of Te Petihana and Te Reo Māori.....
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Pakeha support for Māori language effort critical
Māori Language Commission boss Ngahiwi Apanui says most of the 30-thousand signatures on the historic 1972 Maori language petition, were from pakeha, not Māori.

Mr Apanui says it took two years for activists like Hana Te Hemara-Jackson, Ngā Tamatoa and the Te Reo Māori Society to gather the petition’s 33,000 signatures – and that was the spark that saved the language......
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Links between monarchy and colonialism unbreakable for Green Elizabeth
Green MP Elizabeth Kerekere says while she respected the late Queen for a lifetime of service, it was a life of extreme privilege.

She says the monarchy is based on the backs of indigenous people with the Crown still exerting control across Commonwealth countries .

She says as long as a British monarch is head of state in Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Titriti o Waitangi cannot be put completely into place......
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Five storey mural of late Māori rights activist unveiled in her hometown of Ngāmotu
A massive five-story mural of late Māori rights activist Hana Te Hemara was officially unveiled in Ngāmotu, New Plymouth, on Thursday morning.

Artist Graham Hoete (Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Awa), also known as Mr G, had worked on the painting, on the side of Puke Ariki, since August 30.....
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Ross Meurant: The Silent Weapon

John Porter: The Absolute Power of Veto

Exposure to te reo Māori primes the brain for language learning 

Thursday September 15, 2022 

Cambridge new police station a partnership with Tainui Group Holdings 
Cambridge’s new police station, built in a first-of-its-kind partnership with Tainui Group Holdings, sits on land once confiscated from the iwi by the Crown

The building, opened on Wednesday by commissioner Andrew Coster, sits the site of the old police house at the corner of Victoria and Fort streets. The partnership to created it was formed just over two years ago in August 2020......
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'Time to support te reo Maori as a core subject and as a medium of instruction'
On the 50th anniversary of the Maori language petition, the Green Party is calling on the Government to make te reo Maori a core curriculum subject in mainstream schools and to support Kaupapa Maori education groups.....
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Iwi calls for true founding day recognition in Tamaki Makaurau
An Auckland iwi is asking for city's founding day to be changed to September 18, the date when Chief Apihai Te Kawau allocated land to the Crown.

But the mayor of Auckland Phil Goff says the decision would require a law change.

"The contribution made by Apihai Te Kawau was enormous, so I understand the views being expressed by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei......
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Hapū want kaimoana ban stretched to 100kms
Hapū of South Taranaki iwi Ngāruahine are asking for shellfish collection to be legally banned along their coast, stretching the region’s prohibited area to 100 kilometres of shoreline.

In May the hapū of neighbouring Taranaki iwi asked the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries to reinforce their customary rāhui with a legal ban.......
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Collins backing bicultural city
He says Māori identity is Aotearoa’s point of difference in the world and iwi mana whenua, as traditional kaitiaki of Tamaki Makaurau, should have more influence in how the city develops, accommodates growth and meets the social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges ahead.

He wants to see Māori wards in place by 2025 to increase elected Māori representation.

He will also support Māori heritage and identity through the naming of council facilities, public roads, and public spaces such as park.

Mr Collins says he will support training initiatives for council staff and elected members, as well as increase the Māori Initiatives fund in Council’s Long-term Plan 2024-34 to support a 10-year programme of marae refurbishment, papakāinga development and other Māori community initiatives.......
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Dharug Ngurra nation opposes marae in Sydney
A plan for a first-of-its-kind marae built in Sydney's outer suburbs across the ditch, is being met with resistance by the indigenous people there.

The Sydney Marae Alliance (SMA) has been raising funds for almost 30 years to create the $4 million community facility, which aims to be a place for Māori to connect on Australian soil.

Earlier this year, the alliance secured a 20-year lease for a site in the city's southwest from Cumberland City Council. However, in a public letter, the Dharug Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation (DNAC) opposes the marae being built on its land, the clan place of the Wilmali Yiyura people, and says its people are experiencing deep hurt and trauma over the plans.....
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Strong Māori presence in NZ delegation for Queen’s funeral
The Māori King is joining Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

Others in the official New Zealand delegation include former Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright, Victoria Cross winner Willie Apiata and former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Sir Don McKinnon.

Others New Zealanders who will be at Monday’s funeral include: 2022 New Zealander of the Year Sir Tipene O’Regan, UK-based soprano Aivale Cole, Ngati Ranana honorary president Whaea Esther Jessop and entrepreneur Jacqueline Gilbert......
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Graham Adams: Are Pakeha really the bad guys in the demise of te reo?

Queen Elizabeth's death: Marama Davidson uses tribute to speak of monarchy's colonialist legacy

How te reo Māori is becoming a normalised aspect of popular culture, and why it matters 

Wednesday September 14, 2022 

Countdown self-checkouts to have te reo Māori option 
A collaboration between Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (the Māori Language Commission) and Countdown sees customers able to use self-checkouts in te reo Māori.

With over three million customers through their stories every week, Countdown Director of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin, says it's an opportunity to introduce te reo Māori into everyday things for whānau, which includes shopping for kai.

Bilingual signage will be in stores, customer communications will have te reo Māori greetings, and all fish products will have te reo Māori names on their packages as well.

Countdown does "unfortunately get racist comments and complaints. We're always very clear in our responses that we don't accept that sort of feedback, that we are proud to be supporting the use of te reo and that those customers are welcome to shop elsewhere"....
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University of Waikato projects get $26m of MBIE funding
A research project aimed at incorporating mātauranga Māori into marine restoration has been given a $13 million funding boost.

According to Waikato University, the project will collaborate with iwi to investigate and share localised knowledge based on a mātauranga Māori approach, supporting a deeper understanding of rāhui and existing mātauranga in a contemporary context alongside modern scientific tools.

Another project, led by Professor Chris Battershill, was given $8.8m.

Toka ākau toitu Kaitiakitanga - building a sustainable future for coastal reef ecosystems -will incorporate mātauranga Māori in work to improve the health of the coastal environment and contribute to reversing the decline of New Zealand's kelp ecosystems.....
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Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori Needs To Kickstart More Funding For Te Reo In Education
The commitment to growing te reo Māori in Aotearoa needs a major boost of funding to build more te reo Māori capability in educators (kaiako/teachers and kaiawhina/teacher aides), according to Te Akatea and NZEI Te Riu Roa.

Meeting together over the weekend, the National Māori Principals Association and education union say the Government needs to do much more to ensure tamariki Māori can access excellent education in and through te reo Māori in whatever context they are being educated......
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Queen seen as line of last appeal
A former soldier and veteran Maori broadcaster says the late Queen was more important to Maoridom than many people recognise.

Hemana Waaka says during Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign some of the most important legislation won by Maori was because of the direct Treaty of Waitangi relationship with the Crown.

He says the Privy Council had blocked New Zealand Governments selling broadcasting and state owned enterprise assets with no regard for Maori or the Treaty of Waitangi.....
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Republicanism a mirage says Piripi
A far north iwi leader hopes Maori will reject any moves for Aotearoa New Zealand to become a republic after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Te Rarawa chair Haami Piripi says Maori count on a direct relationship with the Crown to block governments from overriding their treaty rights.....
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Willie Jackson announces new Māori media strategy
A key priority in the Government's new Māori media strategy is to fund more Māori stories in English.

Funding details are expected to be announced next year, but the Government has so far invested $80 million into Māori media over the last two years.

"It’s important to have quality Māori content available to all New Zealanders – in both te reo Māori and English – to raise the status of te reo Māori and build cultural and national identity.".....
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MPs acknowledge Queen's death, colonial impacts on Māori
In part of his address aimed at King Charles III, Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi spoke about the "continuous utu in the honouring of a partnership".

He quoted the Queen in saying Te Titiri between the Crown and Māori had been "imperfectly observed".

Waititi then took aim at the impact colonialisation and the 'imperfect' observation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi had on Māori.

He said Te Tiriti, "confirmed the pre-existing rights of tangata whenua to be undisturbed of our full and exclusive rights to our whenua, to our moana, to our ngahere (forest), to our awa, to our taonga".

"It also promised to be treated as equals. This is the imperfectly observed part of her speech she was talking about.

"We must always speak our authentic truth. The British Empire and the power of the monarchy was built off stolen whenua, stolen resources, stolen taonga."....
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Partnership Aims To Bring Good News For Te Reo Māori
Microsoft New Zealand and Aotearoa tech company Straker Translations have today announced a partnership aimed at supporting te reo Māori in our print and online media, so more people can get their daily news in te reo Māori......
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Te reo Māori’s unknown health benefits

The time te reo Māori was almost wiped out in Aotearoa

Te Tiriti history can’t be ‘left to chance’ 

Tuesday September 13, 2022 

Parting ways with the monarchy 'an eventuality that will happen' now Queen has gone

In February, the Māori Party called for a “divorce” from the Crown.

“If you look at our founding covenant as a marriage between tangata whenua and the Crown, then Te Tiriti is the child of that marriage. It’s time [for] tangata whenua to take full custody,” co-leader Rawiri Waititi said.

“This won’t mean the Crown is off the hook. If a couple gets divorced, you don’t lose responsibility for your child. This will be an opportunity to reimagine [something] more meaningful.”.....
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New model for international nurses to register in Aotearoa announced
Te Kaunihera Tapuhi o Aotearoa (The Nursing Council of New Zealand) has announced a new model for registering nurses who have gained qualifications outside New Zealand, and plans to introduce international nurses to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and cultural safety.

“That is the beauty of working in Aotearoa, right?" says Keri Nuku. "We acknowledge tangata whenua. We have seen a whole health system that has changed accordingly."....
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The Maihi Karauna is the Crown’s Strategy for Māori Language Revitalisation 2019 – 2023.
The Maihi Karauna sets out a vision for te reo Māori in the future. It outlines what the Crown will do to support a strong, healthy, thriving Māori language in New Zealand; Kia māhorahora te reo – everywhere, everyway, for everyone, every day......
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Compensation paid for peppercorn rents
Ngāti Rārua Ātiawa Iwi Trust has resolved a long-standing conflict over fair compensation for Whakarewa land around Motueka.

The crown has agreed to pay $8 million in compensation for loss of rent and other income from the lease lands being left out of 1997 reforms that allowed for more commercial terms for Maori reserved lands.

The Crown has also given a written assurance the Trust will be considered in any future reform of Māori reserved land leases.....
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Papakāinga potential priority for funding support
A short survey asked whether or not Council should apply for funding and if so, what projects should be prioritised. Of the 92 responses, 42 people said Council should apply for the $5.34 million ring-fenced for Waipā. Twenty-nine said Council should reject any funding and 21 wanted to wait until July 2024 when further funding may be made available.

Council’s Iwi Consultative Committee said Council should apply for funding and identified a new priority, not on the original list of seven. Iwi representatives want Council to apply for funding to prioritise papakāinga – communal living on ancestral land. Papakāinga is already allowed in some parts of Waipā but a change to the District Plan is required for more to be developed. There is currently no budget for this work......
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Deer and Goat Ground Supervisor (Fixed Term)
We are committed to restoring Te Raukūmara by employing iwi and developing a professional culling programme.

Proficiency in Te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga

Keen understanding of Ngati Porou and/or Te Whānau-ā-Apanui iwi systems, dynamics and processes.....
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'They don't belong in Aotearoa': Mike McRoberts unleashes on te reo opposers 

Sunday September 11, 2022 

Taranaki iwi ‘hungry to protect awa’ 
Like asking the fox to design a chicken coop – that’s Te Korowai o Ngāruahine environment lead Dion Luke’s view of Taranaki Regional Council asking farmers to provide solutions to shocking levels of E.coli in Taranaki groundwater.

He says hapu and iwi need to be involved in all the discussions, research and the monitoring of waterways.

Luke says the new national policy statement for freshwater, Te Mana o te wai, requires the council to collaborate with Iwi and hapu to plan action and investigate solutions to solve problems in the region.

“It’s an opportunity to ensure we have proper outcomes and monitoring for our awa to improve our waterways”......
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Te Pāti Māori Renew Call For Royal Commission Inquiry Into Racial Profiling Of Māori
Te Pāti Māori are renewing their call for a Royal Commission Inquiry into racial profiling of Māori by the police, after an investigation by the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) confirmed the police have racially profiled rangatahi Māori, and illegally photographed them without consent.....
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Tumahai looks for next generation Ngai Tahu leaders
Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu kaiwhakahaere Lisa Tumahai says time’s up.

After 20 years in the engine room of the South Island iwi, she’s putting together a transition plan so she can retire next year.....
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'Racism without racists': Report highlights police misconduct toward Māori

Queen Elizabeth death: Shane Te Pou on her relationship with Māori 

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Robert Arthur said...

The pollution thing yet another opportunity for maori, with minimal real science background, to cash in on the paid consultation process. I doubt if maori behaviour is perfect; never fly tipped. never poured the Zephyr sump oil down the drain etc. From my observation of littering they not the people to consult about methods of preservation of the environment.

Ray S said...

"Tumahai looks for next generation Ngai Tahu leaders "
Quite simple, just do like I do bro'.

Robert Arthur said...

i am surprised maori are acceptive of the planned public holiday. Imagine decolonisation is (or was until Moana Jackson died) the catch cry. It would seem appropriate to not recognise the colonist link and work throughout.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 14th, grants for matauranga maori are simply make work gifts/bribes to (trace) maori. Makes a complete mockery of all who others who strive for real fact based advancement of life in general. A huge supplement to marae grants/bribes.Side tracks many possibly able into pursuit of hocus.

Anonymous said...

if countdown has excess cash, why not give a discount on food for poor maori people instead of virtue signalling with a language upgrade that sends money to IT providers and maori elite who will 'bless' the initiative?

Mudbayripper said...

If any Countdown employee is
" forced " to address me in Te Reo I will politely offer my sympathy for the bullying and coercion they will have been subject to, and ask to be addressed in the usual manner.

Robert Arthur said...

re the 15th, it is too much to expect Luxon to exploit, but hopefully Seymour will make the most of the Green's stated fatalistic commitment to stone age te reo.

Robert Arthur said...

re the 16th. Activists may have saved te reo but by associated developments they are destroying New Zealand

Anonymous said...

So the greens want to dump the monarchy. To say the queen lived a life of priviledge is ignorant. The queen came from old money and and aristocratic background, so would have been rich anyway. It's not just because she was queen. There are many wealthy people living in the uk who have no ties to the monarchy what-so-ever. The queen , by all accounts worked 24 seven for the british people and the commonwealth and raised billions for charities. She was a force for good and was apparently quite frugal with money. . I wonder how many of us could ever say we had even a quarter of the queen's work ethic. Losing the monarchy in nz would be a grave mistake.

Ray S said...

If Elizabeth Kerekere is concerned about the priviledged life of our queen. she should first look at the life of the higher echelons of Maori. There she might find priviledge to match the royals.

Robert Arthur said...

Hi Ray S
On your theme, I wonder if the Duke wore silk underpants? With the number of maori now in state and local body sinecures, I have considered starting an import buisness.

Robert Arthur said...

re 17th. Councils wonder why persons are so reluctant to use public transport. To regular travellers the announcements are annoying in any language even when brief. For huge numbers, only a very few of whom comment for fear of cancellation, te reo is very riling, and contrived inflictions especially so. For the stranger the announcements require great concentration. Now this has to be tediously protracted to detect the transition from hobby language show off to vital instruction. I trust AT is separating out the extra costs incurred. Mayor Brown will likely be interested.

Anonymous said...

How many maori speak te reo or are actively learning te reo and speaking it in their homes? So who is it that will be understanding the te reo announcements on buses? It will just annoy people.

DeeM said...

Regarding the announcements in Maori on buses, nothing can be surer to drive people away from using public transport than useless and regular jibberish in a language not understood by more than 95% of the population.

Yet more woke nonsense by our idiots in charge who are completely out of touch with those they are supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

if bus announcements are going to be in maori and english, what's the plan to include NZSL?