Monday, September 19, 2022

Cam Slater: Then How Come It Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats?

Apparently te reo is a taonga and so precious that it must not be spread around willy-nilly by virtue signalling white people learning te lingo, so says Peeni Henare. Perhaps he might like to tell his own Government and their lickspittles in the bribed and corrupted media to stop shoving Maori down our throats.

Government minister and Tamaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare has revealed he doesn’t want te reo Maori to be introduced in schools as a core subject.

This week’s Maori Language Week marked the 50th anniversary of when the petition asking for recognition of te reo Maori was delivered to Parliament.

To mark the week, Newshub Nation’s Oriini Kaipara sat down with minita Peeni Henare in a wide-ranging interview exclusively in te reo Maori.

Speaking to Kaipara, Henare said Maori needed to safeguard te reo.

“If we give it to everyone and anyone, what will become of it? I have said to my colleagues that I do not support making te reo Maori compulsory in schools.”Newshub

We at least we can agree on one thing. Te lingo should not be compulsory at any level of schooling. But it rather raises the question: Why is te reo being shoved down our throats by this government, their departments, local councils and woke wombles virtue signalling with their pidgin appropriations of this apparently sacred taonga?

In the interview, Henare made it clear he still wanted to see current Maori language initiatives strengthened.

“Moreover, we have to consult with every iwi and Maori community across the country to see if they want to give their language to non-Maori,” Henare added.

He said most of the feedback he’d received from Maori was they treasured te reo – and didn’t want to give it to just anyone.

“I think it’s the right way to ease non-Maori into supporting our language.”Newshub

Oh! So now we’re deciding who should and shouldn’t speak/learn Maori?

Perhaps if your government and media might like to stop shoving it down our throats. Can we expect the media to drop all the te lingo stuff until they get approval from every iwi?

If Maori don’t want to give it, are non-Maori stealing it? Oh dear, what are the virtual signalling whiteys going to do? I know: handover $$$$$$$$.

This is where Christopher Luxon’s mission to learn te reo is flawed. Maori that treasure te reo will be more alienated from him for tokenising their sacred taonga. If I were Luxon, the next time media came for me regarding te reo, I’d quote Peeni Henare, and then say that I’d stopped learning the archaic language in accordance with Henare’s wishes.

Perhaps we should embrace Henare’s sentiments and ban non-Maori from speaking or writing Maori. That will stop all the virtue signalling Tena koe and Nga mihi salutations from correspondence. Good!

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. This article was first published HERE


EP said...

I am in agreement with Peeni Henare that his native language is precious and beautiful and should be preserved as an historic treasure. I guess this has to be balanced against people's rights and needs to use it for everyday communication - of course.
But i have thought for a long time how silly are transliterations and contrived and twisted efforts to incorporate European concepts into Maori. Why have a Maori word for Tuesday? Maori didn't have Tuesdays and why should they? Why can't they just say Tuesday or carburettor? I am pretty embarrassed for this country.

Anonymous said...

I have said for years, that as soon as the majority of Te lingo speakers are non-maori, a claim will be made to the Waitangi tribunal for a payment to Maori for theft off their Taonga. In fact, if to be Maori you require a minimum of 50% maori ethnicity, that point has probably been reached. I see all the Te Lingo words used currently in the media as pure tokenism.

Robert Arthur said...

About a week ago, Sunday morning, an RNZ interview with the first or an early maroi language commissioner. He commented that the first few years were spent inventing new words to take te lingo from the 700 words of the stone age to the several thousand considered necessary not to appear totally ridiculous today. i guess with just 700 to learn the Maori studies courses would have neen too short to acheive total brainwashing.

spuddy said...

It's everywhere. The news. All government departments. And what's with the new Te Whakyu Ora. It's insane having a seperate Maori health orgaisation, but to give both of them Maori names is insukltingto the 84% of New Zealanders who are not Maori. And every where you go the New Zealand part of the country's anme is now dropped. It was New Zealand, then Aotearoa New Zealand, now just Aotearoa. And the official name has never been changed. Same with all the city and island names. It's not Te Ika o Maui, it's THE NORTH ISLAND. My kids were forced to learn Maori at primary school because their principal was Maori. There were maori words all over the classroom walls. No english translations, just maori immersion in a non-immersion school. And if you protested you were accused of being racist. And they had maori prayers (karakia). Which is illegal! The whole country is going to hell in a handbasket.