Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ross Meurant: The Silent Weapon

Road signs in Maori.

TV weather in Maori.

Kid’s school book reads: “I went to the beach with the whanau.”

Countdown Supermarket has a special lane in Maori.

Where academics take 10,000 words or 20 minutes to explain that Maori did not cede sovereignty apropos article 3, as they strive to create awareness in the minds of the masses, be very afraid of the Fabián philosophy which permeates not only our parliament but also the higher levels of state bureaucracies (through systematic infiltration over at least the past 45 years as I look back and reflect on events). These examples of daily insults to the massive majority of New Zealanders is a far more effective clarion.

These day-to-day impositions of another culture on cultures which do not want to be infected, generates contempt, anger, hostility and dare I say; will ultimately lead to violent rejection of Maorification.

As Chris Trotter has foretold, Labour’s behaviour takes us perilously close to civil war”. (1)  Coming from a “leftie”, this  prescience must be of concern as it signals casus belli in our own back yard.

But it’s not just Prime Minister Ardern and her cabal to be blamed for this tragic turn in New Zealand race relations. Jump back in time, I penned:

“The irony of the land grab however, by my assessment, falls squarely at the feet of former Prime Minister Rt Hon John Key and his Attorney General Chris Finlayson.

It was the National government of 2011 which overturned the protection against Maori land grab which had been provided by Prime Minister Helen Clark’s Labour government in 2004 when parliament passed the Foreshore and Seabed Act which deemed the title to be held by the Crown.

Helen Clark made it clear to the then Chief Justice Sian Elias, following the latter’s speculative commentary about the sanctity of Maori Customary law, that the ultimate law-making body in New Zealand was its sovereign parliament.

Helen Clark’s protection was repealed and replaced by National’s John Key via the Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011.”  (2)

In my view, unquestionably, the ignition to the resurgence of Maori Separatism, lies at the doorstop of John Key.

As I quietly go about tending the garden roses and other daily chores in my stage of geriatrification, I absorb the reactions from every day Kiwis and regrettably discern that not far beneath the bar room banter of hostility toward Maori, Mr Trotter’s prediction lurks latent.

These are dangerous times in my view.

Labour has caused massive division in our society. 

Where once we were all equal before the law and friendships were not quantified by race, today we are not equal before the law and friendships with Maori are definitely adversely affected.

To ignore this “sentiment” is to contribute to the sad state of Maori, as a culture which is increasingly vilified with silent contempt.

Salvation now lies at the doorstep of ACT political party, which has taken the stand to unequivocally oppose Maorification.

National has not. 

Prevarication, obfuscation, procrastination and in my view, an absence of leadership on this highly fissiparous pathway Labour has caste the country, is what we now get from a once great political party.

A virtual Hidden Agenda (3)

As things stand, the best weapon in the war against Labour’s division of the country on race, is their constant abuse of governmental power and funding (read Hon Dr Michael Bassett (4)) by offensively thrusting Maori in the face of millions who do not like that treatment.



Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as a Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland spies & V.I.P. security; currently Honorary Consul for an African state, Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in New Zealand and has international business interest.


Robert Arthur said...

I think Key was in fear of maori. He had seen the nutters unleashed each year at Waitangi. He had a huge security team. He is now relatively safely in Hawii, far from the deranged decolonisation imagining, haka instilled nutters. An incredibly wasteful legislation was that gifting the Auckland maunga to maori. There is now minimal obligation to provide for the majority public. The fancy Board, the many paid to be consulted, the staff, long pipeline to actaul workforce, public consultations, ornate documents, court cases must be costing many times what council spent previously. And no one except the paid is happy.

Phil said...

I do not believe civil war will come from the Right in reaction to Co- Governance.The problem will arise if a future ACT/National Government tries to reverse it. The Left will resort to mob protest and violence.

Anonymous said...

There is one solution to this difficult problem, pass a law that makes every New Zealand citizen a Māori . The definition of Māori is so lose this would be done without any trouble.

Ross Baker ONZF said...

Ross, I believe we must go back another year when John Key allowed Pita Sharples to travel to New York in 2010 to sign the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People overruling the advice given to Helen Clark in 2007 by the Crown Law Office, not to sign UNDRIP because four provisions were fundamentally incompatible with New Zealand’s constitutional and legal arrangements. Key also allowed it to be signed without government having a defination of the indigenous people of New Zealand or a mandate from his Party, Parliament or the people of New Zealand.

Elite Maori are now using the Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People to force government to accept they have rights above and beyond other New Zealand Citizens, when in fact, they are not indigenous to New Zealand!

If National wants to run the coutry again, then they must repeal John Key allowing UNDRIP to be signed, but I do not think anyone in the Natioanl Party would have the "guts" to do it. Their leader Luxton will just continue learning te reo Maori to appease Maori as John Key did in 2010 by signing UNDRIP!

Anonymous said...

Maori are NOT indigenous to NZ. They proudly tell us about Kupe and company arriving on NZ shores back in the 1300s - therefore they can not be indigenous - they arrived here by boat or ship like every other explorer.

Empathic said...

I agree with the main point of Mr Meurant's article. I have long been very sympathetic regarding the Maori circumstances and supportive of showing respect for example by attempting to pronounce names and words in te reo in Maori fashion. I recognize the difficulty New Zealanders would have if, say, China took over the country and we all had to live in a country dominated by Chinese people and had to conform to Chinese language, beliefs, customs, values and laws. However, since being patronized with te reo and Manglish imposed on us by taxpayer-funded Radio NZ and state-bribed television and other media, my goodwill is wearing thin. This is only made worse through being subjected to constant falsehoods regarding recently invented Treaty principles and distortions of NZ's history, and seeing the introduction of an apartheid system including disproportionate governance and unequal democracy, all demanded and/or supported by Maori elite.

ross meurant said...


Your on the "money" on the Maori elite.