Saturday, September 24, 2022

Denis Hall: A crime against our culture and language

It is in fact - a crime against humanity and culture to deliberately set out to use the instruments of government to modify a culture and its language against the will of the people - and forcibly introduce words of another language into it - and it is a crime against your children’s future for you to allow it.

It has always been expected - throughout our history as New Zealand - that when a government had enough seats to govern alone - that they would exercise restraint - and show at least a little consideration and respect for the views of those that lost this time - but would likely win next time.

Governments - both left and right - always tried to strike a balance.

Those days are gone.

This labour/green Government - 2021 - 22 don’t believe in any of that. They are flouting every convention - and show no signs of inclusiveness. It’s their way or the highway.

YOU – and I - do not matter.

As soon as they had complete control, they began to abuse that privilege - and embarked on an unprecedented program of very nasty social engineering and language modification - and that Maori Language initiative was the flagship of those subversive policies.

Don’t worry if the people don’t like it - just take over the media and shove it up their noses.

They are fortunate that New Zealanders as a whole are rational and reasonable people - but this government has flouted all of that convention mentioned above - and show their total distain and contempt for the rest of us in their actions every day.

We have the largest Maori component in positions of power in Government in our history - completely out of proportion to their numbers in the society - and that has brought with it the costliest initiatives in both money and social equity in our history - and most of us seem to be so baffled by it - that we look the other way and just hope for the best.

Fellow New Zealanders! It's not good enough - you need to stand up for your language and culture - so just let me highlight the problems of your complacency for you.

We can all see it - most of us are concerned and intensely irritated by it - but it is actually happening before our very eyes while we passively allow it to continue. We are being subjected to an unprecedented social engineering campaign to change the way we do language in New Zealand. The people behind this are doing it without the consultation or agreement of the population that is almost entirely English speaking - and it is the culture of the majority that is being modified in favour of a minority - who as it happens - have done very little over time to teach their own language to their own children - but now they expect our children to learn it.

There is not a single Maori person in New Zealand able to speak Maori - who cannot also speak English - because there is no way a person could get by in our society with only Maori language.

We are an English speaking society.

The responsibility for the survival of the Maori language has fallen to the majority whose language it is not - and who in fact don’t speak it - and are not interested in learning it - because they know there is no use for it except ceremonial - and the cost of the execution of these new language expectations and regulations is born by that Majority - the Non Maori population.

Why is it our problem?

This is an expression of abdicating their responsibility for something as fundamental as their own language - to the Non Maori segment of the population.

This culture modification is not only damaging the core language - but it is also damaging the regard in which Maori were once held by the population at large.

The primary language is without a shadow of doubt English - and rather than simply teach Maori as a separate language - that the government spends billions maintaining that it is - they are using Media and news and the changing of names of places and institutions to force remnants of it into the core of English - the common language of the Nation - and just as they are crying out that Maori Language is not being “respected” - they show their total disrespect for the English Language by forcing Maori vocabulary change into the heart of it.

The word for that is hypocrisy!

That is why they use the news broadcasts to force Maori phrases into English sentences - in a desperate attempt to make it seem normal.

It is not normal!

Nothing about it is normal.

It is not normal for us - and it is not normal for Maori either - and all and every one of them speak and use English every day of their lives - and that is normal for almost all of them.

What they are doing to us without our agreement or engagement - is without a doubt cultural vandalism - and a travesty against the Culture of the majority - and against all the people of New Zealand who have English as their first and only language - and also on those new residents trying to learn that common language - ENGLISH.

All they have succeeded in doing - is making the Maori Language widely resented - and making many of us despise the sound of it - just as we would Russian - if that was being forced on us by an authoritarian Government.

ENGLISH - is without a doubt one of the most important means of global communication on the planet - and damaging this greatest of languages in favor of one that its own people didn’t value enough to use and keep it alive - IS A CRIME AGAINST OUR CULTURE AND HUMANITY.

Maori Language is not alive for a reason - and that is that it is inadequate to communicate what people need to communicate on the global stage in the modern age. It has been on life support for generations - and has needed and still needs a constant supply of new words to enable even the simplest of discussion - and we all - each and every one of us - can understand why that is a simple FACT.

Why is it that we are afraid to tell the truth about this?

It is because there is an anger and aggressiveness about the Maori Culture that has been deliberately generated by government - and that has been supported by a very basic lie that has been run and ignored for the lie that it is for so long that many of the young ones believe the lie as historical fact.

That great lie is - that Europeans arrived in New Zealand 200 years ago and spoiled an idyllic Maori society and lifestyle - a society that was IN FACT - characterised by tribal wars and cannibalism.

We all try not to talk about that - but it is none the less the fact of the matter.

We can see that every government department and public facility is having its English name erased and obliterated and cast into the dustbin of history - and replaced with a maori name that none of us understand or care about - even as we all know that Maori Culture contributed nothing whatsoever to the development and creation of these essentially European institutions - and the Health System is an obvious case in point.

New Zealand as a nation of the family of nations - and it is living the great lie of the new millennium and this subversive Labour Green government is spending billions to propagate that lie.

This is what we would expect of a Marxist government - and that is what we have.

It should be noted - that when all those Maori Chiefs stepped up to ratify and sign the Treaty of Waitangi - there were 120,000 maori in New Zealand - and less than five thousand Europeans - and right there is embedded the other great lie. That Maori were tricked into signing that treaty.

The implication in that assertion - was that Maori were all that stupid - and history - true history - refutes that.

What those early Maori could see that many of today’s Maori and their European encouragers fail to see - was the arrival of a civilization and society that was light years ahead of them in everything from basic technology to governance had arrived - and they - the Maori with vision - the ones who signed that Treaty - could see they needed to be part of that - and that that was the way they needed to lead their people.

It is the Charlatans in government today who refuse to see it - because there is a continuous free taxpayer dollar in their wilful blindness.

They were living a raw existence where tribal wars were the norm - and there was no national or nation leadership - there was only conflict between tribes - that if we take the trouble to look is still there to be seen.

The arrival of the white people with civilization was not just the arrival of white people - it was something much more profound than that.

It was the arrival of civilization - and the arrival of that civilization was inevitable - and to deny the Maori people that access to civilised life really would have been a crime against humanity - and the thoughtful among us can see that.

This Maori language push is no more an attempt to push the global civilization back in favor of tribal rule and an ancient language not equiped to communicate and grow in the modern world.

What they are trying to do is a complete impossibility - the global civilization is ubiquitous - and it will influence the lives of every Maori - and no matter where on the planet you go it is there - and all Maori language in New Zealand will do - is make our use of the civilization more difficult for them - because it will be a language alone in the world - where English is alongside Chinese language as one of the most spoken languages.

Do we wish to make some of us trail behind that.

Maori authorities - if they manage to take over - will still have to communicate internationally in English - so they will need to be competent in it.

As it seems today - we are lost to a mad idea held by a very small proportion of the population - and those other than Maori who support this are simply supporting something symbolic - as a way to make an obscure political point - or perhaps avoid facing reality.

English language is being learned by the children of all the family of nations - and in New Zealand we are teaching our children Maori - when even the Maori people can’t speak it.

What are the Maori words for counterintuitive and destructive?

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Rob Beechey said...

Well said Denis. To think that we have another year of this Marxist indoctrination. I see so many parallels between New Zealand and the US. Both hell bent on self destruction, enabled through a corrupt mainstream media.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Denis for publishing your thoughts.
The very reason that we changed to MMP was to stop any government from doing what our present government is doing to the people that gave them the majority.
This was not meant to happen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Denis like you I would describe myself as an elder New Zealander who thinks that your post is one of the best I have read. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Auckland is starting to resemble north korea, in that nothing is real. Britomart for example has Te Reo signage everywhere and all train announcements are done first in Te Reo and then in english. Any tourist coming here would naturally assume a vast size of the population living in auckland must speak Te reo. They would be shocked to find out that no one does and it's all just for show. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Also, at my workplace in auckland, it was recently announced that they will be offering Te reo classes for free. Out of the 150 staff, not one is maori or even part-maori and no one has taken up this offer.

Anonymous said...

here is an interesting thought experiment... change INZ rules to insist on competency in te reo maori instad of english (using ielts/toefl/etc.) as a condition of resident visas. let's see how many green-list occupations, high-paying roles and entrepreneur visa applications start flooding the system!

Robert Arthur said...

The new (Aotea) New Zealand Pubic Media Bill not only requires that te reo be promoted, but also tikanga. So we will all leave drink and MacDonalds containers in piles at carparks.
Councils wonder why persons are so reluctant to use public transport. To regular travellers the announcements are annoying in any language even when brief. For huge numbers, only a very few of whom comment for fear of cancellation, te reo is very riling, and contrived inflictions especially so. For the stranger the announcements require great concentration. Now this has to be tediously protracted to detect the transition from hobby language waffle to vital instruction. I trust AT is separating out the extra costs incurred. Mayor Brown will likely be interested. Most are lost in their earphones any way and so the announcement could be in any hobby language, like Olde English.

Anonymous said...

All of this is true. I read it very carefully in case it is not "kind". Some will think it is not, but is falsehood kind? No. Whether intended as kindness - acknowledgement, inclusivity, respect - the result has been the opposite amongst thinking people, both Maori and Pakeha.

The 'easily led'(sadly the majority - well, too many) have leaped into the kind of silliness like 'te reo for carburetor', which is actually a travesty. I am relieved to read Peeni Henare has serious misgivings about the indiscriminate use of his taonga, because this whole thing appears to be racially divisive - creating more bad feeling than ever was before. I am really anxious about how this country can recover, even if we are able to be rid of this deceitful incompetent government, and replace it with one with any more sense - and gumption.

Anonymous said...

Most of the advantages we enjoy as New Zealanders come from the happy accident that we are an English-speaking country. That's why you'll find kiwis in senior roles in all the West's largest multinational companies and governments. We are apparently determined to throw that advantage away, and it won't be hard to do. Imagine a young kiwi in a job interview in London or New York talking about the "mahi" they'll do and which parts of the motu they'll have huis in, and then thanking them for the kaupapa. Because, if this lot have their way, that's how they will talk and they'll have no idea which words are part of the English language and which ones are a violation of it, inserted into their minds by social-justice warriors when they were too young to consent.