Sunday, December 3, 2023

Capitalist: They’re Lucky to Have Such Wonderful Opponents

During the last century of history there have been a large number of appalling things undertaken by communists: mass murder, famine, tyranny; it’s always the same story. What we have also seen during that century is the left wingers – politicians, activists, media, historians – do not see any problem with this. It’s all seen as collateral damage on the road to a communist utopia.

Mostly during the last century those in the non-communist world have been weak, feeble, cowardly. The term ‘peaceful coexistence’ sprang up: it was seemingly ‘okay’ for a large chunk of the world to be enduring all this evil stuff so long as handwringing weak men didn’t have to do anything strong or principled. But not everyone felt that way.

One chap who wasn’t having a bar of coexistence with communism was Augusto Pinochet in Chile. With US support he took the fight to the left wingers with relish. His party piece was something I must confess to finding hilarious: it involved throwing communists out of helicopters from a great height. Splat. Predictably Pinochet quickly became and remains a hate figure for the left.

Just to put things into context, at the exact same time Pinochet was making Chile great again, the ‘Killing Fields’ were taking place in Cambodia (nothing to see here) and Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Romanians and others were starving (nothing to see here). The left-wing establishment in New Zealand celebrated such things – ‘the march towards utopia comrades’. But the moment someone grabs a lunatic by the scruff of the neck – someone who wanted to create ‘the Killing Fields of Chile’ (and wouldn’t have hesitated in doing so) – and was thrown out of a chopper from 500 feet then the left howl like wounded dogs. Crybaby sooks.

Oh and these are the same people who wag their fingers and lecture you on your lack of a moral compass!

One of the reasons the end of communism was hastened were the elections of Margaret Thatcher in Britain and Ronald Reagan in America. And both of them were blessed with the most marvelous, most wonderful of opponents. Thatcher in particular… Whether it was discredited left wingers from the previous Labour government, or militant trade union leaders (who all looked pretty evil sort of chaps), or fascist dictators in the Argentine or weak men in her own cabinet, Margaret Thatcher was truly blessed to be opposed by such men rather than anybody vaguely credible.

It is a similar situation in New Zealand today, where Mr Christopher Luxon has spent his first three days in office compiling a list of 49 top priorities that the average man in the street is nodding his head about – only to find hysterical screaming from the most wonderful of opponents. Even better, and to my utter astonishment, has been a press conference by Hipkins! What sort of a fool is ejected in disgrace and ignominy and 36 hours later gets stuck into his successors? What sort of a fool doesn’t disappear for a few months to lick their own wounds and let the new government have its honeymoon? As every other ex prime minister has done since forever. Only somebody completely disconnected from reality, somebody who has clearly gone mad and doesn’t understand what has just happened in New Zealand. Someone who doesn’t understand they are the problem. This is the gift from God for Mr Luxon.

Capitalist is a simple country boy from the deep south who seeks nothing less than the destruction of socialism and collectivism in New Zealand. This article was first published HERE


Kevn said...

Indeed, so far so good.

Anonymous said...

Capitalist....I know!! Chipkins was on TV telling everyone that national is going to create division and hatred!! No chipkins, that was Ardern and yourself plus your incompetent team that stuffed us.

The left are absolutely nuts, are they so deluded that they have no idea of the damage they have brought upon this country. The debt, the racist policies, the crime, the state of chaos that has crippled this poor country.

The left are dangerous dangerous people without a doubt. They are dangerous because they have no idea what they've done or the damage caused by fundamentally flawed policies. We must save the left from themselves and ensure they do not get back in for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

But never forget - there are still people ( approx 40%) who can still be influenced by their madness ( even if this seems impossible to people with common sense).
An example: the Left is getting as much face time as the new gov t - even more.

This is why they must be stopped. If not, great damage to the coalition will result.

Anonymous said...

It feels like a great relief to have been saved from the terrible woke lefties of Labour, Greens and TPM. The MSM need to be sorted out as they are a huge part of the left madness. Perhaps they should have more assignments at require rides in helicopters.

Kiwialan said...

The team of $55 million plus is getting funded until Jan 2026 so the bribed/corrupted mainstream media will continue to be the woke left mouthpiece. Kiwialan.